Metal-Based Catalysts in Organic Synthesis

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June 2021
68 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Metal-Based Catalysts in Organic Synthesis that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Catalysts play a crucial role in the path towards the transformation of organic compounds. This book describes the recent development of metal-based catalysis in organic synthesis. Applications of various catalysts to interesting organic transformations are discussed. It covers important organic reactions such as cyclohexane oxidation under different energy stimuli, use of Pd-nanoparticles for carbonylation of aniline, ammoximation of methyl ethyl ketone by Ni-modified TS-1 and carbozincation of substituted 2-alkynylamines. This book will be a useful reference for researchers in the field of catalysis, organic chemistry and materials science. It is also intended to attract the attention of researchers with an industrial interest
  • Hardback
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ethylzincation; 1-alkynylphosphine sulfides; 1-alkynylphosphines; 2-alkynylamines; 2-zincoethylzincation; titanium catalysis; diethylzinc; TS-1; nickel-modified; methyl ethyl ketone; ammoximation; methyl ethyl ketoxime; Palladium; nanoparticles; carbonylation; aniline; carbon monoxide; carbon dioxide; Fe(III) complex; N,O donor; X-ray analysis; alkane oxidation; microwave irradiation; n/a