Plant Virus Emergence

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May 2021
174 pages
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This compilation of articles elaborates on plant virus diseases that are among the most recent epidemiological concerns. The chapters explore several paradigms in plant virus epidemiology, outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics paralleling zoonotic viruses and that can be consequential to global food security. There is evidence that the local, regional, national, and global trade of agricultural products has aided the global dispersal of plant virus diseases. Expanding farmlands into pristine natural areas has created opportunities for viruses in native landscapes to invade crops, while the movement of food and food products disseminates viruses, creating epidemics or pandemics. Moreover, plant virus outbreaks not only directly impact food supply, but also incidentally affect human health.
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sugar beet; rhizomania; RNAseq; virus; necrovirus; helper virus; Aphis gossypii; Cucumis melo; cucurbit viruses; disease progress curve; insect trapping; logistic model; Spearman correlation; temporal dynamics; Bunyavirale; RNA virus; emerging virus; virus evolution; plant virus; cophylogeny; hallmark genes; common bean; Phaseolus vulgaris; cytorhabdovirus; whitefly; Bemisia tabaci; vector; virus transmission; virus evolution; ToTV; emerging disease; prevalence; whole-genome sequencing; phylogeny; tomato torrado virus; sGFP; plant pathology; infectious clone; plant-virus interaction; pandemics; epidemics; global; disease; threat; food insecurity; crop losses; crop failure; indigenous viruses; introduced crops; new encounter; spillover; developing countries; domestication centers; sub–Saharan Africa; Potyviruses; whole genome sequencing; epidemiology; virus resistance; virus host interactions; plant viruses; viral vectors; plant diseases; virus spread; biopharming; vaccines; viruses; viral vectors; Nicotiana benthamiana; COVID-19; plant-based biologics production; n/a; n/a

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