Stress and Health

Understanding the Effects and Examining Interventions

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May 2021
108 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Stress and Health: Understanding the Effects and Examining Interventions that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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Acute stressful experiences or high levels of chronic stress are risk factors for mental and physical disorders. Insights into the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder and other stress-related disorders experienced by war veterans, refugees, and immigrants are presented. This volume also presents examinations of the pathological effects of stress that may disrupt the normal relationships between individuals and their families. The health of individuals and their children may be enhanced by interventions to help them manage the effects of stressful life experiences and environments. Innovative and effective interventions are examined and their applications are recommended.
  • Hardback
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commercial smartwatch; mental stress; psychophysiological; emotion regulation; heart rate variability; electrodermal activity; posttraumatic stress disorder; war veterans; trauma and stressor related disorders; adverse childhood experiences; attachment; posttraumatic stress disorder; psychotherapy; glucocorticoids; cortisol; glucocorticoid receptor; NR3C1; FKBP5; youth mentoring; immigrants; social inclusion; psychosocial well-being; youth health; acculturative stress; North Korean refugees; child abuse; acculturative stress; parenting self-efficacy; qualitative case study