σ- and π-Hole Interactions

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March 2021
212 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue σ- and π-Hole Interactions that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
This book describes unconventional noncovalent interactions and analyzes their importance for crystal growth in organic and hybrid organic–inorganic systems. Several examples illustrate how the combination of theory and experiment allows rationalizing the strength and directionality of noncovalent interactions. This book elegantly describes the results of a survey of X-ray structures of main group element compounds (M = Sn, Pb As, Sb, Bi, and Te) exhibiting intermolecular M•••Se noncovalent interactions in one of its chapters. Moreover, it provides a consistent description of noncovalent interactions, covering most groups of the periodic table. The interactions are described and discussed using their trivial names. That is, a comprehensive and accurate description is provided for alkali, alkaline earth, regium, spodium, triel, tetrel, pnictogen, chalcogen, halogen, and aerogen bonding interactions. No other book is available covering such an extensive number of interactions and examples where these interactions are relevant. relevant.
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non-covalent interactions; regium bonds; silver(I); coinage metals; pyrazolates; phosphines; halogen bonding; hydrogen bonding sigma-hole interactions; theoretical studies; characterizations; noncovalent interactions; Lewis acids; Lewis bases; spodium bonds; σ/π-hole interactions; EDTA; 2,6-diaminopurine; cadmium; co-crystal; H-bonding; π–π stacking; triazinane; 1,3,5-Triazacyclohexane; Hirshfeld surface analysis; DFT study; H-bonding; C–H···π interaction; hybridization of a nitrogen atom in sulfonamides; molecular cocrystal; sandwiched-layer structure; C–I···F halogen bonds; π···π stacking interactions; PBE0-D3(BJ) calculations; secondary bonding; supramolecular; crystal engineering; tetrel bonding; pnictogen bonding; chalcogen bonding; selenium; structural chemistry; main group elements; π–hole interaction; substituent effects; vibrational spectroscopy; local vibrational mode theory; direct measure for π–hole interaction strength; noncovalent interaction; hydrogen bonding; nickel; Schiff bases; crystallography; Hirshfeld surface analysis; σ-hole; π-hole; crystal engineering; crystal growth; supramolecular chemistry; halogen bonding; σ-hole interactions; self-assembly; scanning tunneling microscopy

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