Hydrogen Production Technologies

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January 2021
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Hydrogen Production Technologies that was published in

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Hydrogen has been an important feedstock for various industries, and its global market is already valued at hundreds of billions of dollars per year. It is also playing additional roles as a clean alternative energy carrier for power generation and as a crucial feedstock in the bioeconomy. This Special Issue “Hydrogen Production Technologies” highlights different thermochemical, electrochemical, and biological technologies such as high- and low-temperature electrolyzers, microchannel reactors, sorption-enhanced reactors, multi-tubular solar reactors, and anaerobic digestors. It also covers other aspects ranging from reactor design, hydrogen storage, and process analysis of different alternatives.
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algae; anaerobic digestion; biogas; biohydrogen; energy assessment; kinetic models; microwave; nanoparticles; pretreatment; solar reactor; hydrogen production; solar receiver; thermal energy; computational fluid dynamics; CFD; model; titanium nitride; stainless steel; alkaline electrolysis; energy storage; hydrogen energy; solid-state hydrogen storage; unitized regenerative fuel cell; multi- walled carbon nanotube; proton battery; hydrogen production; pyrolytic oil hydro-processing; process modeling; syngas; gasification; sorption-enhanced water–gas shift; multi-functional material; hydrogen production processes; economic viability; environmental efficiency; sustainable energy; multi-criteria analysis; hydrogen production; thermochemical cycles; micro-channel reactor; ceria; ceria-zirconia; water splitting; oxygen carrier; solid oxide electrolysis cells; sintering additive; CuO; hydrogen production; steam electrolysis; compact reactor; ethanol steam reforming; water gas shift; hydrogen production; n/a