Advanced Coatings for Corrosion Protection

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January 2021
222 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Coatings for Corrosion Protection that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences
Corrosion is a significant issue in many industrial fields. Among other strategies, coatings are by far the most important technology for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces. The Special Issue “Advanced Coatings for Corrosion Protection” has been launched as a means to present recent developments in any type of advanced coating for corrosion protection. This book compiles 15 contributions on metallic, inorganic, polymeric and nanoparticle enhanced coatings that provide corrosion protection as well as other functionalities.
  • Hardback
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fluorine free; silanization; superhydrophobic; corrosion protection; self-cleaning; cathodic protection; corrosion mitigation method; potentiodynamic polarization test; simulation; pre-insulated pipeline; superhydrophobic; zinc-rich coating; cold galvanized coating; durability; magnesium; microstructure; coating; corrosion; polarization; apatite; scanning electrodeposition; Ni-Fe-Co-P-CeO2 composite coating; electrochemical corrosion behavior; corrosion mechanism; Zn-Al diffusion layer; mechanical energy aided diffusion; microstructure; corrosion resistance; electrochemistry; aluminum foam; electrodeposition; compression test; corrosion resistance; polyurea; aging mechanism; morphology; chemical properties; phase separation; hydrogen bond; magnesium alloy; MAO coating; corrosion behavior; stratification phenomena; marine environments; aluminum alloy AlMg6; Al2O3 coating; phase composition; corrosion; stress corrosion; micro-arc oxidation; polymer; water hydraulic valve; cavitation; erosion; corrosion; coating selection; molecular dynamics; boride-based cermet; laser cladding synthesis; laser power; microstructure; hardness; corrosion resistance; wear resistance; MAX phase; Ti2AlN; PVD coating; oxidation; hydrogen permeation; tungsten; W–Cr–C coating; carburization; intergranular corrosion; pitting corrosion; stainless steel; passivated; electrochemical noise; precipitation hardening; metallic coatings; anodizing layers; passivation; polymeric coatings; laser cladding; PVD; superhydrophobic coatings; composite coatings; n/a

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