Rehabilitation for Persistent Pain Across the Lifespan

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January 2021
332 pages
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The area of rehabilitation research for patients having persistent pain is on the move. The rapid growth in pain science has inspired rehabilitation clinicians and researchers around the globe. This has led to breakthrough research and implementation of modern pain science in rehabilitation settings around the world. Still, our understanding of persistent pain continues to grow, not in the least because of fascinating discoveries from areas such as psychoneuroimmunology, exercise physiology, clinical psychology and nutritional (neuro)biology. This offers unique opportunities to further improve rehabilitation for patients with chronic pain across the lifespan. Also, the diversity of health care disciplines involved in the rehabilitation of chronic pain (e.g. physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, coaches) provides a framework for upgrading rehabilitation for chronic pain towards comprehensive lifestyle approaches.
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chronic pain; attentional biases; eye gaze; electric stimulation therapy; manual therapies; musculoskeletal pain; pain assessment; range of motion; shoulder pain; chronic pain; attachment theory; attachment-informed intervention; Tai Chi; Yoga; Qigong; mind-body therapy; exercise; mind-body medicine; low back pain; total knee arthroplasty (TKA); pain-catastrophizing; dissociation; hierarchical structure; programme dosage; interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy; pain rehabilitation; low back pain; meta-analysis; chronic pain; musculoskeletal pain; patient care team; rehabilitation; treatment outcome; cancer; pain; rehabilitation; exercise; motor imagery; action observation; chronic neck pain; pain modulation; pain neuroscience; musculoskeletal pain; pain neuroscience; musculoskeletal pain; rehabilitation medicine; physiotherapy; lifestyle; fibromyalgia; cost–utility; cost-effectiveness; quality-adjusted life years; neck pain; rehabilitation; exercise; psychology review; chronic pain; children pain rehabilitation; best evidence; low-back pain; physiotherapy; individualisation; chronic pain; pain acceptance; early change; interdisciplinary pain treatment; osteoarthritis; musculoskeletal pain; rehabilitation medicine; physiotherapy; psychology; non-pharmacological; n/a; rehabilitation; chronic pain; inflammation

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