Poultry Nutrition

January 2021
754 pages
  • ISBN978-3-03943-853-2 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-03943-854-9 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Poultry Nutrition that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
The aim of this Special Issue is to publish high quality papers concerning poultry nutrition and the interrelations between nutrition, metabolism, microbiota and the health of poultry. Therefore, I invite submissions of recent findings, as original research or reviews, on poultry nutrition, including, but not limited to, the following areas: the effect of feeding on poultry meat end egg quality; nutrient requirements of poultry; the use of functional feed additives to improve gut health and immune status; microbiota; nutraceuticals; soybean meal replacers as alternative sources of protein for poultry; the effects of feeding poultry on environmental impacts; the use of feed/food by-products in poultry diet; and feed technology.
  • Hardback
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Aflatoxin B1; Lactobacillus; anti-fungal; Aspergillus flavus; in vitro; poultry; chickens; ascorbic acid; curcumin; boric acid; necrotic enteritis; Salmonella Enteritidis; broiler; growth; intestinal villi; Salmonella; broilers; IBDV; soybean isoflavones; immune function; viral protein 5 mRNA expression; ducks; zinc oxide; phytase; growth performance; zinc utilization; residual feed consumption; quail; high environmental temperature; intestinal morphology; duodenum; intestinal villi; intestinal absorption; broilers feeding; propolis; bee pollen; broilers; DHA; omega-3; fatty acids; enrichment; broilers; selenium sources-levels; selenium retention; antioxidant capacity; frozen meat; embryonic development; heat shock proteins; immunoglobulin; intracytoplasmic vacuoles; L-arginine; amino acids; dietary supplementation; broiler; growth performance; humoral immunity; Moringa oleifera; poultry; growth performance; laying performance; health status; energy requirement; meat quality; growth performance; slow-growing broilers; nutrient deposition; xylanase; arabinofuranosidases; broilers; nutrient utilization; growth performance; immunity; strain; in ovo injection; royal jelly; chicken; growth; hatchability; blood; chitooligosaccharide; intestinal integrity; antioxidant capacity; immunity; broiler; broilers; digestive function; heat stress; indigenous yellow-feathered breed; denatonium benzoate; genistein; chicken; ggTas2Rs; bitter taste receptors; licorice; Glycyrrhiza glabra; beneficial effects; pharmaceutical; poultry; health; turkey; footpad dermatitis; charcoal; crude protein reduced diet; compensatory growth; omega-3; omega-6; fatty acid; nutrition; performance; antioxidant; egg and meat quality; fertility; immunity; health; cholesterol; CuZn-SOD; HMG-CoA; HSP70; laying hens; L-Thr; n/a; vitamin B12; pekin ducks; weight gain; feed intake; feed conversion ratio; hematological indicator; antibiotic; hydrolysable polyphenol; monoglyceride; pathogen; poultry feeding; antioxidant status; bamboo leaf extract; broiler; cholesterol metabolism; denatonium benzoate; bitter taste receptors; apoptosis; autophagy; heart; kidney; chicken; Camelina oil; Camelina cake; polyunsaturated fatty acids; growth performance; broiler chicken; threonine; broiler; metabolism; antioxidant capacity; immunity; blood parameter; broiler; growth performance; meat quality; polyethylene glycol; red grape pomace waste; broiler chickens; alternative energy source; soybean lecithin; phospholipids; vegetable acid oil; digestibility balance; free fatty acids; triacylglycerols; mannanoligosaccharide; growth performance; immunity; oxidative status; Partridge Shank chickens; nanoparticles; chromium; supplementation; electrophysiology; Ussing chamber; poultry; antibiotics; broiler; growth performance; intestinal health; probiotics; methionine; broiler; reduced crude protein; slaughter characteristics; medicinal mushrooms; laying hens; health status; performance; Allium; feed additive; beneficial effects; organosulfur compounds; polyphenols; poultry; methionine; levels; sources; growth; carcass; broiler; heat stress; betaine; Evans blue dye; physiological responses; broiler chickens; broilers; feed additives; probiotics; prebiotics; phytogenics; organic acids; anticoccidials; necrotic enteritis; Clostridium perfringens; production performance; antioxidant; essential oils; housing system; immunity; ISA brown; production; egg production; green tea powder; huainan partridge chicken; lipoprotein lipase; plasma lipid; cadmium; ascorbic acid; clay; performance; blood biochemical parameters; broilers; multienzymes; administration method; enzyme dose; performance; blood constituents; broilers; blood chemistry; emulsifiers; growth; nutrient utilization; TBARs; amino acids; nutrient requirements; growth indices; modeling; Chinese yellow-feathered chickens; probiotic; Clostridium perfringens; phytobiotic; broiler; broilers; alternative ingredients; probiotics; growth; lipid peroxidation; biological nano-curcumin; growth; diet; immunity; antioxidant; pathogens; quail; broiler chickens; phytobiotics; green tea; pomegranate; drinking water; antiradical activity; cecal microbiota; chicken; SNP; IGF1; IGFBP2; TGFß3; Hubbard F15; Cobb E; growth; meat; bilberry leaves; walnut leaves; laying hens; digestive enzyme activities; nutrition; broiler chicken; feed additive; blood haematology; phytobiotics; serum biochemistry

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