Mesoporous Materials for Drug Delivery and Theranostics

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December 2020
204 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mesoporous Materials for Drug Delivery and Theranostics that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology
Mesoporous materials are capturing great interest thanks to their exceptional surface area, uniform and tunable pore size, ease surface functionalization, thus enabling broad series of intervention in the field of nanomedicine. Since many years, these aspects foster a deep investigation on mesoporous nanoparticles, to design and fabricate biocompatible, smart and stimuli-responsive nanotools for controlled drug- or gene-delivery, theranostics applications, in particular for cancer therapy, and tissue engineering. This Book is thus dedicated to the most recent advances in the field, collecting research papers and reviews. It spans from the synthesis and characterization of the mesoporous material, especially those made of silica, silicon and bioactive glasses, to their functionalization with smart gate-keepers, reporter molecules or targeting ligands, up to their in-vitro applications in the nanomedicine field.
  • Hardback
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polyurethane; injectable hydrogels; ion/drug delivery; mesoporous bioactive glasses; tissue regeneration; mesoporous silica; therapeutic biomolecules; proteins; peptides; nucleic acids; glycans; nanoporous silicon; gold nanoparticles; drug delivery; cancer cells; theranostics; mesoporous silica nanoparticles; core-shell; surface functionalization; cell targeting; size-dependent delivery; antitumoral microRNA (miRNA); confocal microscopy; mesoporous silica nanoparticles; tumor targeting; stimuli responsive; multimodal decorations; targeted and controlled cargo release; cancer therapy and diagnosis; alginate–poloxamer copolymer; silk fibroin; dual network hydrogel; mesoporous bioactive glass; insulin-like growth factor-1; electrostatic gating; nanofluidic diffusion; controlled drug release; silicon membrane; smart drug delivery; drug delivery; three-dimensional porous scaffolds; electron beam melting; selective laser sintering; stereolithography; electrospinning; two-photon polymerization; osteogenesis; antibiotics; anti-inflammatory; n/a

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