Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Storage and CO2 Mineralisation Technologies

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December 2020
304 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Storage and CO2 Mineralisation Technologies that was published in

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This Special Issue delivered 16 scientific papers, with the aim of exploring the application of carbon capture and storage technologies for mitigating the effects of climate change. Special emphasis has been placed on mineral carbonation techniques that combine innovative applications to emerging problems and needs. The aim of this Special Issue is to contribute to improved knowledge of the ongoing research regarding climate change and CCS technological applications, focusing on carbon capture and storage practices. Climate change is a global issue that is interrelated with the energy and petroleum industry.

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CO2 storage; depleted gas field; soil-gas monitoring; baseline; injection; post-injection; photocatalytic concrete pavement; NO reduction; SEM analysis; carbon emissions; emission coefficient; agricultural land; agricultural inputs; agricultural policies; Qinghai province; carbon nanospheres; nanocarbon spheres; carbon dioxide uptake; EDA; CO2 sequestration; physical simulation; Numerical modelling; dissolution; precipitation; kinetics; solid–gas reactions; carbonate looping; calcium looping; thermochemical energy storage; carbon capture and storage; CO2 capture; Monte Carlo; machine learning; metal–organic framework; adsorption; diffusion; climate change; carbon emission; carbon-capturing concrete; carbon capture activator; carbon reduction; carbon capture and storage; CO2 ocean geological storage; multi-scale ocean model; hydrostatic approximation; Eulerian–Lagrangian two-phase model; environmental impact; calcium carbonate; molecular dynamics; carbon utilization; gelation; slag valorization; metallurgical dusts; slag cement; CO2 emissions; EAF slag; zero waste; CO2 capture; utilization and storage; mafic plutonic rocks; mineral carbonation; screening and ranking; Sines massif; Portugal; CO2 adsorption; nanopore; coal structure deformation; tectonically deformed coal; CO2 storage; supercritical CO2; mafic plutonic rocks; experimental test; CO2 capture process; solvent-based absorption/desorption; off-design operation; phase-change solvents; sensitivity analysis; CCS; carbonated water injection; CO2-EOR; pore network modelling; relative permeability; n/a

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