Battery Management System for Future Electric Vehicles

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November 2020
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The future of electric vehicles relies nearly entirely on the design, monitoring, and control of the vehicle battery and its associated systems. Along with an initial optimal design of the cell/pack-level structure, the runtime performance of the battery needs to be continuously monitored and optimized for a safe and reliable operation and prolonged life. Improved charging techniques need to be developed to protect and preserve the battery. The scope of this Special Issue is to address all the above issues by promoting innovative design concepts, modeling and state estimation techniques, charging/discharging management, and hybridization with other storage components.
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state of charge (SOC); joint estimation; lithium-ion battery; variational Bayesian approximation; dual extended Kalman filter (DEKF); measurement statistic uncertainty; electric vehicles; renewable energy sources; microgrid; economic dispatching; capacity allocation; cooperative optimization; SOC; second-order RC model; model parameter optimization; AUKF; small-signal modeling; battery energy storage system; battery management system; control; stability; dynamic response; wireless power; state-of-charge; electric vehicle; LiFePO4 batteries; state of charge (SoC); Butler–Volmer equation; Arrhenius; Peukert; coulomb efficiency; back propagation neural network (BPNN); torque and battery distribution; particle swarm optimization; electric vehicle; air-cooled BTMS; electric vehicle; compact lithium ion battery module; ANN; battery electric vehicles; battery management; hybrid energy storage; n/a