Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment for Stroke

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October 2020
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment for Stroke that was published in

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In recent years, there have been outstanding achievements in stroke diagnosis and care. Our better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms and the advances in neuro-imaging have enabled us to diagnose stroke syndromes with remarkable precision and uncover underlying vessel pathologies that can be directly correlated to the stroke event. Within a short period of time, mechanical thrombectomy became the standard of care for patients with large vessel occlusions and symptom onset up to 24 hours, while other recent trials also suggest the use of perfusion imaging to guide intravenous thrombolysis in the extended time window. In this Special Issue, we will also extensively discuss relevant topics on secondary stroke prevention, including the prompt use of nonvitamin k oral anticoagulants and the potential effect of reversal agents in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage related to their use. We will also delineate treatment options for stroke patients with indication for long-term anticoagulation and high bleeding risk. Finally, a particular mention will be made for young patients with stroke, the extent of the diagnostic work-up, and the selection of those who would benefit from patent foramen ovale closure.
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atrial fibrillation; cerebral infarction; carotid stenosis; ultrasonography; outcomes; cryptogenic stroke; atrial fibrillation; neurosonology; Holter monitoring; transcranial Doppler; cervical duplex; stroke; hemorrhage; thrombectomy; cone-beam computed tomography; cerebral angiography; platelet reactivity; ischemic stroke; aspirin resistance; infarction volume; multiplate; reperfusion; therapy; ischemic stroke; outcome; intravenous thrombolysis; NIHSS; Barthel index; functional dependence; ultrasound; acute ischemic stroke; perfusion imaging; contrast agent; intracerebral hematoma; subarachnoid hemorrhage; ischemic stroke; platelet reactivity; aspirin resistance; large vessel disease; carotid stenosis; clinical outcome; prognosis; functional magnetic resonance imaging; neuronal plasticity; recovery of function; stroke; motor cortex; ankle-brachial index difference; inter-ankle blood pressure difference; stroke; peripheral artery disease; outcome; anemia; cerebral infarction; blood transfusion; red blood cells; outcome assessment; endothelial progenitor cells; ischemic stroke; hemorrhage; prognosis; clinical outcome; atherosclerosis; computed tomography angiography; stroke; thrombectomy; n/a

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