Marine Sediments

Processes, Transport and Environmental Aspects

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October 2020
122 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Marine Sediments: Processes, Transport and Environmental Aspects that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to water quality and environmental aspects related to sediment transport, driven by both ambient forcing and human activities. Estuarine, coastal, and harbor areas often undergo operations to nourish beaches, to maintain navigation channels, and to remove contaminated sediment. Hence, much research is needed related to the sediment processes, transport, and related environmental aspects of marine sediments. The aim of this Special Issue is to exhibit novel research results in this field. Particular attention is paid to water quality and environmental aspects relating to sediment transport driven by anthropogenic activities and natural phenomena: spillover due to tidal processes, metals mobility, coastal modifications driven by extreme events and mean wave climate, sediments re-suspension and dispersion related to marine sediment handling.
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coastal zone; storm deformations; underwater bar; XBeach; wave transformation; cross-shore sediment transport; equilibrium profile; dredging and disposal; environmental effects; mathematical modeling and monitoring; sediment dispersion; sediment handling; coastal boulder deposit; hurricane storm surge; hydrodynamic equations; Gulf of California (Mexico); coastal lagoon; dissolved and particulate metals; sediments; labile forms; enrichment factor; early diagenetic process; groundwater discharges; Yangtze estuary; tidal flows; sediment transport; sediment spillover; morphological dynamics; high-resolution; numerical model; marine sediment; contaminated sediment management; coastal sediment transport; harbor siltation; dredging; water quality; coastal engineering; coastal defence system; mathematical modelling; engineering practice

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