Mechanisms of Mitotic Chromosome Segregation

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May 2017
340 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mechanisms of Mitotic Chromosome Segregation that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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mitosis; spindle assembly checkpoint; signal transduction; aneuploidy; anaphase B; mitotic motors; spindle elongation; poleward flux; mitosis; mitotic spindle; chromosome; kinetochore; microtubule; motor enzyme; centrosome; tubulin dynamics; force; accuracy; Aurora B kinase; kinetochore geometry; microtubule turnover; tension-dependent regulation; centromere; kinetochore; cell division; mitosis; meiosis; KMN; CCAN; CENP-A; mitosis; kinetochore; centrosome; dynein; kinesin; augmin; gamma-tubulin; Arabidopsis thaliana; Physcomitrella patens; Haemanthus; mitosis; cell division; microtubules; kinesin; dynein; chromosome; metaphase; aneuploidy; polyploidy; microtubule; chromosome instability; cancer; birth defects; fertility; drug resistance; centromere; kinetochore; mitosis; microtubule; kinetochore; mitotic spindle; polar ejection forces; Kinesin; Dynein; CENP-E; Chromokinesin; chromosome; tubulin code; anaphase A; kinetochore; chromosome-to-pole motion; microtubule poleward flux; conformational wave; biased diffusion

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