Silicon Photonics Bloom

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August 2020
184 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Silicon Photonics Bloom that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences
The open access journal Micromachines invites manuscript submissions for the Special Issue “Silicon Photonics Bloom”. The past two decades have witnessed a tremendous growth of silicon photonics. Lab-scale research on simple passive component designs is now being expanded by on-chip hybrid systems architectures. With the recent injection of government and private funding, we are living the 1980s of the electronic industry, when the first merchant foundries were established. Soon, we will see more and more merchant foundries proposing well-established electronic design tools, product development kits, and mature component libraries. The open access journal Micromachines invites the submission of manuscripts in the developing area of silicon photonics. The goal of this Special Issue is to highlight the recent developments in this cutting-edge technology.]
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quantum dot; silicon nanocrystals; light emitting diode; vertical grating coupler; WDM transmitter; optical interconnects; silicon photonics; silicon optical modulator; Silicon Photonics; off-chip coupling; polarisation controller; integrated polarimeter; polarisation multiplexing; polarisation shift keying; germanium; integrated optics; optoelectronics; photoconductivity; silicon photonics; terahertz; frequency combs; heterogeneous integration; second-harmonic generation; supercontinuum; integrated photonics; silicon photonics; mode-locked lasers; nonlinear optics; microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); electrostatic actuator; parallel plate actuation; optical switch; silicon-on-insulator (SOI); micro-platform; optical waveguide; silicon nitride photonics; integrated optics; optical switch; phase change material; integrated silicon photonic circuits; nanophononics; silicon photonics; modulator; multimode interferometer; photonics integrated circuit; carrier plasma; Mach–Zehnder interferometers; silicon oxynitride; thin film; photoluminescence; chemical vapor deposition; physical vapor deposition; silicon photonics; dispersion control; Bragg gratings; photonic processors; unitary transformation; silicon photonics; photoluminescence; amorphous silicon oxycarbide; nitrogen doping; defect; plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition; n/a