Clinical Medicine for Healthcare and Sustainability

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August 2020
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Medicine & Pharmacology
Public Health & Healthcare
When the domestic government, the private sector, and people in various professional fields talk about long-term care issues, they all focus on creating a warm and home-like care institution. However, we actively emphasize the importance of community-based long-term care. For “aging in place”, the development of domestic non-institutional care is still in its infancy, and some long-term care needs must still be met through institutional care, and the facilitation of the extension or outreach of community-based care and respite service platforms for the development of community-based long-term care still rely on institutional care. The history of the development of long-term care in Taiwan is much shorter than that of Japan, Europe, the United States, and Canada. Despite years of hard work and rapid development, the long-term care resources needed to establish a complete system in terms of universalization, fairness, accessibility, and selectivity are not available. In the future, based on the soundness of institutional care, it hoped that outreach will move toward the goals of community care and aging in place. We hope the studies in this Special Issue will help further develop clinical medicine for healthcare and stainability.
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sarcopenia; bioimpedance analysis; computed tomography; discordance; effect; protection; catheter; hemodialysis; meta-analysis; trial sequential analysis; Long-term oxygen therapy; home mechanical ventilation; patient-reported experience measures; quality of care; healthcare; sustainability; hepatocellular carcinoma; health-related quality of life; minimal clinically important difference; survival; serum urate; menopause; hypertension; xanthine dehydrogenase; cross-sectional cohort study; diabetic foot ulcer; peripheral arterial disease; incidence; prevalence; cost; National Health Insurance Service data; erythrodermic psoriasis; secukinumab; addiction; smoking; alcohol; cannabis; virtual reality; musculoskeletal disorders; randomized controlled tria; ceftaroline; ceftriaxone; community-acquired pneumonia; safety; eravacycline; complicated intra-abdominal infection; efficacy; safety; mortality; laparoscopic; open surgery; non-metastatic colorectal cancer; surgical complication; oncologic outcome; single surgeon experience; doripenem; acute bacterial infection; pneumonia; intra-abdominal infection; complicated urinary tract infection; ultrasound-guided injection; laser assisted; long-axis injection; chronic disease; multimorbidity; suicidal thoughts; suicidal plans; stroke; post-acute care; medical referral system; propensity score matching; resistance training; hypertension; arterial pressure; disease prevention; caffeine; health-related quality of life; older adults; frailty; medication; primary care; white matter hyperintensity; MRI; healthcare quotient; chronic; older adults living in super-aging society; mild cognitive impairment; walking speed; depression; urinary tract infection; rapid culture; antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST), evidence-based prescription; antibiotics; antimicrobial resistance (AMR), rapid diagnostics; prediction; deep learning; conventional neural network; health-related quality of life; bariatric surgery; hospital emergency department; queuing theory; decision support; cost optimization; chronic disease; health behavior; socioeconomic status; primary care; Korea; cardiovascular disease; postprandial; hypotension; blood pressure; elderly; lung cancer; physical activity; season; preoperative; wearable; macrosomia; large for gestational age; machine learning; ensemble methods; prediction; sensitivity; specificity; clinical deterioration; early medical intervention; electronic health records; hospital rapid response team; intensive care units; medical records system; computerized; osteoporosis screening; artificial intelligence; convolutional neural networks; dental panoramic radiographs; palliative care; nursing homes; symptom assessment; drug therapy; therapeutics; longitudinal studies; occupational medicine; forensic medicine; insurance medicine; psychoactive substances; safety; clinical; forensic; law; ethics; uric acid; risk factor; epidemiology; cardiometabolic diseases; hypertension; healthcare and sustainability; therapy of internal medicine diseases; cardiometabolic diseases

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