Applications of Electromagnetic Waves

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August 2020
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Electromagnetic (EM) waves carry energy through propagation in space. This radiation associates with entangled electric and magnetic fields which must exist simultaneously. Although all EM waves travel at the speed of light in vacuum, they cover a wide range of frequencies called the EM spectrum. The various portions of the EM spectrum are referred to by various names based on their different attributes in the emission, transmission, and absorption of the corresponding waves and also based on their different practical applications. There are no certain boundaries separating these various portions, and the ranges tend to overlap. Overall, the EM spectrum, from the lowest to the highest frequency (longest to shortest wavelength) contains the following waves: radio frequency (RF), microwaves, millimeter waves, terahertz, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. This Special Issue consists of sixteen papers covering a broad range of topics related to the applications of EM waves, from the design of filters and antennas for wireless communications to biomedical imaging and sensing and beyond.
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bonding wire; S parameters; electromagnetic simulation; port embedding; balanced bandpass filter; common mode suppression; spurline; source–load coupling; stepped impedance resonator (SIR); open-ended waveguide; slow-wave; endfire; radiation; dispersion; gain; energy verification; Hall probe; dipole; movable slit; Goubau line; non-invasive blood glucose measurement; Acu-check; lancet; leaky waves; surface waves; ultra-wideband; THz absorber; high absorption; polarization independent; holography; microwave imaging; microwave measurement system; nondestructive testing; electromagnetic compatibility; protection of information; electromagnetic emissions; computers and information processing; data acquisition; image recognition; pattern recognition; image processing; graphic information; LED array; laser printer; compromising emanations; electromagnetic infiltration; reconstruction; non-invasive data acquisition; Fourier series expansion; nanorod; multimode; propagation characteristics; guided wave; ultra-wideband; bandpass filter; half-wavelength resonator; insertion loss; microwave imaging; phantom measurement system; bone lesion detection; ground penetrating radar; reverse time migration; Tibetan Plateau; permafrost active layer; internal structure; Chebyshev filter; cavity; metamaterial; waveguide; X-band; meta-resonator; machine learning; material identification; microwave sensor array; microwave waveguide; dipole and horn antennas; carbon-composite material; graphene; antenna mesurements; electromagnetic waves; n/a