Natural Products from Marine Fungi

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August 2020
160 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Natural Products from Marine Fungi that was published in

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Medicine & Pharmacology
Marine fungal natural products are well-known as the “blue gold,” as they have been promising leads for drug discovery and development. Even though marine fungi are less explored in comparison to their terrestrial counterparts, a number of useful hits have been obtained from a drug discovery perspective. Topics discussed in this book include a review on novel natural products from extremophilic fungi, secondary metabolites from deep-sea fungi; natural products from fungi in a symbiotic relationship with marine macro-organisms; and bioactive metabolites from sediment-derived fungi. Marine biologists, chemists, and pharmacologists will find the book a good reference material. The book covers various bioactive marine fungal natural products, and it is hoped that this book aids scientists explore fungal chemical diversity.
  • Hardback
License and Copyright
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natural products; extremophilic fungi; biological activity; deep-sea derived fungus; Phialocephala sp.; nitrogen-containing sorbicillinoids; radical scavenging activity; sponge-derived fungus; Alternaria sp.; perylenequinone derivatives; X-ray single crystal diffraction; cytotoxic activity; antibacterial; deep-sea derived fungus; Phomopsis lithocarpus; benzophenone derivatives; eremophilane derivative; aspochalasin; tricyclic fused; gut fungus; cytotoxicity; endophytic fungus; Myrothecium sp.; meroterpenoids; isocoumarinoids; α-glucosidase inhibitors; salt-resistant plant; Apocynum venetum; Fusarium solani H915; bis-alkenoic acid esters; fusaridioic acid A; fusariumester A1; fusariumester A2; fusariumester B; tea pathogenic fungi inhibitory effect; herqueinones; phenalenones; Penicillium sp.; marine-derived fungi; adipogenesis; anti-angiogenesis; anti-inflammatory; marine-derived fungus; Aspergillus versicolor; diketopiperazine; antibacterial; anthraquinone derivatives; Sporendonema casei; marine-derived fungus; cytotoxic activities; antibacterial activities; n/a

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