Nutritional Management and Outcomes in Malnourished Medical Inpatients

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July 2020
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nutritional Management and Outcomes in Malnourished Medical Inpatients that was published in

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Malnutrition lurks in the background of hospitalized medical patients. A large proportion of patients are malnourished upon hospital admission and patients often experience further nutritional deterioration during their stay and during disease recovery. However, although the negative effects of malnutrition on the outcomes of patients are well recognized, we still struggle to identify appropriate patients and efficacious nutritional interventions to overcome this problem. Recent studies have produced convincing evidence that adequate and timely nutritional management of medical in-patients can contribute to the prevention of negative consequences and thus improve the clinical outcome of patients. This Special Issue of the Journal of Clinical Medicine focuses on multiple practical aspects of nutritional management of medical in-patients, from screening for nutritional risk to the practical implementation of nutritional therapy and its possible complications, including financial aspects, to increasing clinician awareness and knowledge of nutritional care in hospitals.
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type 1 diabetes mellitus; bioelectrical impedance analysis; phase angle; children; adolescents; protein; malnutrition; critical care; mortality; outcomes; hospital readmission; ICU Survivors; malnutrition; inflammation; nutritional assessment; biomarkers; albumin; prealbumin; IGF-1; elderly; prognostic marker; Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; enteral nutrition; early parenteral nutrition; critical illness; iron; copper; selenium; zinc; thiamine; vitamin B12; obesity; inflammation; enteral nutrition; glucose control; hyperglycemia; parenteral nutrition; enteral nutrition; nutritional support; insulin; Geriatric patients; older persons; malnutrition; therapy; interventions; chronic critical illness; protein; Nutrition Risk Screening (NRS-2002); age; nutrition; vasopressors; shock; glucose; diabetes; underfeeding; economic challenges; nutritional management; malnutrition; mid-arm muscle circumference; bioelectrical impedance analysis; dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; computed tomography; fat-free mass; appendicular skeletal muscle mass; lean soft tissue; skeletal muscle index; chronic disease; old; anorexia nervosa; refeeding syndrome; weight gain; mortality; length of stay; nutritional risk screening; nutritional assessment; malnutrition; monitoring; malnutrition; micronutrient deficiency; inflammation; oral nutritional supplements; artificial nutrition; gastroparesis; dumping syndrome; pathophysiology; clinical presentation; treatment; malnutrition; nutritional management; nutritional therapy; cancer; nutrition; nutritional therapy; nutritional support; malnutrition; cachexia; sarcopenia; survival; nutritional support team; nutritional management; malnutrition; efficacy; metabolic syndrome; insulin resistance; dietary pattern; carbohydrates; fat; indirect calorimetry; indirect calorimeter; resting energy expenditure; nutrition therapy; nutritional support; medical nutrition therapy; intensive care unit; intermediate care unit; critically ill patients; nutritional counselling; nursing; interventions; e-counselling; dehydration; dysphagia; fluid intake; water; cirrhosis; ascites; sarcopenia; sarcopenic obesity; nutrition; vitamins; micronutrients; parenteral nutrition; enteral nutrition; artificial nutrition; all-in-one parenteral admixture; compatibility; stability; pharmaceutical expertise; drug admixing; drug administration; malnutrition; hospital; nutrition care; continuity of care; mortality; process indicators; benchmarking; disease related malnutrition.; refeeding syndrome; diagnosis; management; malnutrition; hypophosphatemia; nutritional support; nutritional therapy; n/a

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