Electronic and Thermal Properties of Graphene

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July 2020
322 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Electronic and Thermal Properties of Graphene that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Special Issue includes recent research articles and extensive reviews on graphene-based next-generation electronics, bringing together perspectives from different branches of science and engineering. The papers presented in this volume cover experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of the electrical and thermal properties of graphene and its applications in batteries, electrodes, sensors and ferromagnetism. In addition, this Special Issue covers many important state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies regarding the synthesis, fabrication, characterization and applications of graphene-based nanocomposites.

  • Hardback
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graphene; chemical vapor deposition; electronic materials; enantiomer recognition; phenylalanine; graphene; liquid exfoliation; polyvinylidene fluoride; conductive adhesives; flexiable; carbon honeycomb; molecular dynamics; LAMMPS; uniaxial tension; nanoindentation; EDLC; rGO scrolls; thiol functionalization; supercapacitor; energy and power density; carbon foam; nanomaterials; phase change material; thermal conductivity; latent heat storage; graphene oxide; PEEP; ROP; grafting-from; graphene; electrical; thermal; thermoelectric; applications; hydrogenated epitaxial graphene; electronic structure; ferromagnetism; Graphene; Graphene Oxide; 2D materials; Electrochemical; Biosensor; mechanical properties; thermal properties; graphene; defect; molecular dynamic; CVD graphene; transfer; ruga; wrinkle; ripple; Raman spectroscopy; AFM; SnO2 aerogel; sol–gel method; graphene oxide; nanocomposite; photocatalysis; PVDF; HDPE; graphene nanoplatelet; nanocomposites; electrical properties; thermal properties; graphene; electronic and thermal properties; electronic and thermal conductivity; quantum Hall effect; Dirac fermions; Seebeck coefficient; thermoelectric effect; graphene-based applications; graphene; metasurface; phase shift; polarization; wavefront shaping; tunability; humidity sensors; graphene; graphene oxide; reduced graphene oxide; chemical modified graphene; graphene/polymer; graphene quantum dots; graphene/metal oxide; graphene/2D materials; carbon-coated separator; polysulfide; shuttle effect; lithium–sulfur batteries; pyrolysis fuel oil (PFO); isotropic pitch; graphene; carbon fiber; graphene; transparent heater; PECVD; n/a