The Two Faces of Nanomaterials

Toxicity and Bioactivity

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June 2020
146 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Two Faces of Nanomaterials: Toxicity and Bioactivity that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Due to properties differing from those of larger materials, nanomaterials have been extensively used in different areas including nanomedicine, drug delivery, theragnosis, and bioimaging in recent years. Evaluating the toxicity profile (i.e., biocompatibility) of nanomaterials and their impact on health is essential to support the potential biomedical applications. This book deals with the two faces of nanomaterials, toxicity and bioactivity, hoping to aid with their development for clinical applications, reducing the possible risks associated with their use.
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black phosphorus; 2D nanomaterial; cytotoxicity; biomedical application; multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles; chlorin e6; folic acid; in vivo penetration depth; cancer cell targeting; cell cycle; nanoparticle location; surface biocompatibility; microtubule; proteomics; graphene; h-BN; nanostructured coatings; biofilms; E. cloacae; carbon nanomaterials; unique properties; biomedical applications; in vitro toxicity; in vivo toxicity; ZnO nanostructures; toxicity; biocompatibility; physicochemical properties; cells viability assays; in vivo experiments; fullerene derivatives; drug-like descriptors; binding activity; cheminformatics; neural networks modelling; hydrogenation; pharmacology; toxicology

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