Nutrition, Choice and Health-Related Claims

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May 2020
362 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nutrition, Choice and Health-Related Claims that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
Public Health & Healthcare
This book presents different articles focused on the role of nutritional properties and/or health-related claims on choice preferences, choice behavior, healthy eating/healthy diet, and the willingness to pay for certain foods.
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consumer research; carrier foods; functional ingredients; loglinear analysis; qualified health claim; older adult; green tea; cancer; purchase intentions; emotional eating; food choices; nutritional claims; nutrition claims; health claims; portion size; perceptions; health halo; food labelling; consumer; nudging; qualitative; focus groups; trans-fatty acids; ultra-processed food products; food labels; consumer; non-communicable disease; quantile regression; experimental auction; lycopene; information; consumer; yoghurt; label; a discrete choice-based experiment; Food Neophobia Scale (FNS); food neophobia; consumer choice; choice experiment; allergen; menu; packaging; exposure time; plant extract; visual appraisal; consumer home-test; nutritional claims; health claims; cluster analysis; food choices; functional food; health information; environmental information; choice experiment; sustainability; consumer preferences; nutritional labels; biscuits; pastries; Aragón; nutrition claim; health claim; functional food; WTP; segmentation; organic consumer choices; organic dried strawberries; nutrient labels; health attitudes; consumer heterogeneity; cross-cultural comparison; claims; labeling; nutrition; consumer behavior; policy; choice architecture; dining environment; campus; college students; cereal grains; dietary fiber; vitamins; claim; information; health claims; new product development; nutrition claims; market success; food choice; changes in quality; changes in prices; nutrition; United Kingdom; Brexit; consumer research; willingness to purchase; non-communicable diseases; binary logistic regression; random forest; food choices; health consciousness; red wine; choice experiment; clean labels; alcohol content; nutritional knowledge; health; local; organic; greenhouse gas emissions; consumer; choice experiment; willingness to pay; trade-offs; n/a