Smart Coatings on Fibers and Textiles

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March 2020
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Smart Coatings on Fibers and Textiles that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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Smart textiles are the textiles that are sensitive to any environmental conditions and can respond accordingly. Using passive and active coatings to generate high sensitivity to textiles is among the most recent research trends by engineers around the World. This has resulted in expansion in the application of smart textiles in various industrial fields including medicals, electronics and protective clothing. The aim of this special issue is to introduce the most state-of-the-art research and review articles by distinguished researchers in the field of smart coatings on textiles. The guest editor hopes that content will be useful for researchers, students and companies for continuation of research and development with the concept of smart textiles.
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textile electronics; plain weave; touch sensor; triboelectricity; structural color; electrospun nanofibers; nanoparticle assemblies; polymer; photonic crystal; optical fiber sensors; lab-on-fiber technology; microgel; dip coating technique; textile; pilling; image processing; machine learning; PLA fiber; chitosan; sodium alginate; layer-by-layer method; plasma treatment; reactive vapor deposition; hydrophobic; Janus material; absorbant; separation; polypropylene; hernia meshes; surface functionalization; polydopamine; smart textiles; actuator; wearable technology; carbon nanotubes; conducting polymers; polymer actuators; coating; UHMWPE; nanoparticle-laden elastomer; oxygen-plasma treatment; penetration resistance; cyclodextrin; chitosan; electrospinning; fiber; assembly; flexible electronics; smart textiles; conductive coatings; e-textiles