Towards a Sustainable Management of Mine Wastes

Reprocessing, Reuse, Revalorization and Repository

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March 2020
240 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Towards a Sustainable Management of Mine Wastes: Reprocessing, Reuse, Revalorization and Repository that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
The need for efficient and sustainable management methods of mine waste is continuously growing all around the world. These waste products often present serious management problems due to their more or less significant amounts and possible environmental threats. This Special Issue highlights the recent and new trends in sustainable mine waste management techniques. Currently, it is essential to sustainably manage mine waste, considering social, economic, environmental and technical aspects. In this Special Issue, insights related to the following issues are highlighted: the problems around mine waste, the fine characterization of mine waste, the latest available technical and environmental solutions to efficiently manage mine waste, including treatment and processing before disposal and high value element recovery, with the view of moving towards defining effective, low-cost and ecofriendly methods, the recycling of mine waste products as alternative resources in different sectors, and finally laboratory, pilot and/or industrial-scale studies related to these topics of research. Scientists and industry and governance stakeholders have to face these new challenges to find the best management practices for the future.
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copper tailings dump; leaching; pH; mobility; chemical species; attenuation mechanisms; aquatic systems; Zgounder mine; silver; tailings; low-grade silver ores; flotation; mineralogical characterization; mine waste; management; sustainability; bibliometric analysis; systematic review; valorisation; mine waste; soil washing; heap leaching; dump leaching; mine drainage; remediation; acid mine drainage; geographical information systems; paste pH; siderite; multivariate analysis; spatial mapping; iron ore tailings; iron recovery; concrete composite admixtures; reuse; rheology; microstructure; flow behavior; cemented paste backfill; mixing; recovering alkali; Bayer red mud; reaction kinetics; magnesium oxide; hydrotalcite-like compounds; sustainable development; tailings management; industrial ecology; sustainable resource management; mining waste; circular economy; mine waste; tailings; gravity separation; stamp mill; historic tailings; metals; exploration; economic potential; LIBS; core scanner; acid mine drainage; alkaline amendments; cementitious amendments; kinetic testing; Joutel mine; environmental mineralogy; exploration; contaminant; geochemical behavior; acid mine drainage; mine tailings; sulfides; gold reprocessing; desulfurization; flotation; kinetic test; mining and mineral processing waste (MMPW); anthropogenic mineral resources (AMR); long-term storage; supergene processes; environmental damage; loss and lost profits; AMR processing; n/a