Adopting Circular Economy Current Practices and Future Perspectives

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February 2020
160 pages
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The development of a closed-loop cycle is a necessary condition so as to develop a circular economy model as an alternative to the linear model, in order to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible. For this motive, the definition of the value must be demonstrated for both the environment and the economy. The presence of these analyses should be associated with the social dimension and the human component. A strong cooperation between social and technical profiles is a new challenge for all researchers. End of life of products attract a lot of attention, and the final output could be the production of technologies suitable for managing this waste.
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CO2 emissions; economic analysis; photovoltaic; subsidies; circular economy; environmental assessment; quantitative analysis; waste management; renewable energy; economic growth; sustainable development; Health and Social Care; branches; NUTS3 regions; employment; professions; Czech Republic; European Union; prediction; cluster analysis; cluster analysis; unsupervised classification; mixed data; circular economy; waste management; tourism industry; Italy; circular economy; multi-level perspective; SWOT; eco-design; sustainability; circular economy (CE); circular business models (CBMs); Industry 4.0; industrial symbiosis; industrial district (ID); Italian ceramic industry; sustainability; circular economy; education; digital transformation of education; open online education; open educational resources; massive open online courses; MOOCs; complexity; multiple value; phygitalization; circular commerce; retailing; digitalization; territory; technology; commercial cycle; circular economy; social sciences; sustainability