Advanced Applications for Smart Energy Systems Considering Grid-Interactive Demand Response

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December 2019
152 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Applications for Smart Energy Systems Considering Grid-Interactive Demand Response that was published in

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This book covers applied research on smart energy systems, smart grids, smart energy homes, smart energy products and services, and the advanced applications thereof, in the context of demand response and grid interactions. In particular, this book is focused on interdisciplinary research results that combine technical, social, environmental, and economic aspects of smart energy systems and smart energy products. Moreover, several chapters are based on the evaluation of real life cases, energy pilots, prototypes of smart energy products, and end user surveys and interviews.

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smart grids; electricity market; flexibility; stakeholders; end-users; renewable energy; energy products and services; power quality; grid-connected inverter; photovoltaic; solar mobility; solar charging; resonance instability; smart metering; spatial and temporal aggregation; privacy protection; internal attack; pseudo-random function; smart grids; renewable energy; flexibility; demand shifting; photovoltaic systems; smart appliances; demand response; aggregator; heat pumps; FCR; frequency containment reserve; ancillary services; smart grids; smart grids; users; demand management; renewable energy transition; dynamic pricing; electricity pricing; prosumer; reliability; renewable energy; uncertainty; smart product design; smart home technology; power systems simulation; energy management; smart grids; flexibility; photovoltaic; heat pumps; consumption patterns; self-consumption; self-sufficiency; energy system analysis; load duration curve; n/a