Integral Transforms and Operational Calculus

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November 2019
510 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Integral Transforms and Operational Calculus that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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Computer Science & Mathematics
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Researches and investigations involving the theory and applications of integral transforms and operational calculus are remarkably wide-spread in many diverse areas of the mathematical, physical, chemical, engineering and statistical sciences.  This Special Issue contains a total of 36 carefully-selected and peer-reviewed articles which are authored by established researchers from many countries. Included in this Special Issue are review, expository and original research articles dealing with the recent advances on the topics of integral transforms and operational calculus as well as their multidisciplinary applications

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highly oscillatory; convolution quadrature rule; volterra integral equation; Bessel kernel; convergence; higher order Schwarzian derivatives; Janowski star-like function; Janowski convex function; bound on derivatives; tangent numbers; tangent polynomials; Carlitz-type q-tangent numbers; Carlitz-type q-tangent polynomials; (p,q)-analogue of tangent numbers and polynomials; (p,q)-analogue of tangent zeta function; symmetric identities; zeros; Lommel functions; univalent functions; starlike functions; convex functions; inclusion relationships; analytic function; Hankel determinant; exponential function; upper bound; nonlinear boundary value problems; fractional-order differential equations; Riemann-Stieltjes functional integral; Liouville-Caputo fractional derivative; infinite-point boundary conditions; advanced and deviated arguments; existence of at least one solution; Fredholm integral equation; Schauder fixed point theorem; Hölder condition; generalized Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation; modified Kudryashov method; exact solutions; Maple graphs; analytic function; Hadamard product (convolution); partial sum; Srivastava–Tomovski generalization of Mittag–Leffler function; subordination; differential equation; differential inclusion; Liouville–Caputo-type fractional derivative; fractional integral; existence; fixed point; Bernoulli spiral; Grandi curves; Chebyshev polynomials; pseudo-Chebyshev polynomials; orthogonality property; symmetric; encryption; password; hash; cryptography; PBKDF; q–Bleimann–Butzer–Hahn operators; (p,q)-integers; (p,q)-Bernstein operators; (p,q)-Bleimann–Butzer–Hahn operators; modulus of continuity; rate of approximation; K-functional; Hurwitz-Lerch zeta function; generalized functions; analytic number theory; λ-generalized Hurwitz-Lerch zeta functions; derivative properties; series representation; basic hypergeometric functions; generating functions; q-polynomials; analytic functions; Mittag–Leffler functions; starlike functions; convex functions; Hardy space; vibrating string equation; initial conditions; spectral decomposition; regular solution; the uniqueness of the solution; the existence of a solution; analytic; α-convex function; starlike function; strongly-starlike function; subordination; q -Sheffer–Appell polynomials; generating relations; determinant definition; recurrence relation; q -Hermite–Bernoulli polynomials; q -Hermite–Euler polynomials; q -Hermite–Genocchi polynomials; Volterra integral equations; highly oscillatory Bessel kernel; Hermite interpolation; direct Hermite collocation method; piecewise Hermite collocation method; differential operator; q-hypergeometric functions; meromorphic function; Mittag–Leffler function; Hadamard product; differential subordination; starlike functions; Bell numbers; radius estimate; (p, q)-integers; Dunkl analogue; generating functions; generalization of exponential function; Szász operator; modulus of continuity; function spaces and their duals; distributions; tempered distributions; Schwartz testing function space; generalized functions; distribution space; wavelet transform of generalized functions; Fourier transform; analytic function; subordination; Dziok–Srivastava operator; nonlinear boundary value problem; nonlocal; multi-point; multi-strip; existence; Ulam stability; functions of bounded boundary and bounded radius rotations; subordination; functions with positive real part; uniformly starlike and convex functions; analytic functions; univalent functions; starlike and q-starlike functions; q-derivative (or q-difference) operator; sufficient conditions; distortion theorems; Janowski functions; analytic number theory; λ-generalized Hurwitz–Lerch zeta functions; derivative properties; recurrence relations; integral representations; Mellin transform; natural transform; Adomian decomposition method; Caputo fractional derivative; generalized mittag-leffler function; analytic functions; Hadamard product; starlike functions; q-derivative (or q-difference) operator; Hankel determinant; q-starlike functions; fuzzy volterra integro-differential equations; fuzzy general linear method; fuzzy differential equations; generalized Hukuhara differentiability; spectrum symmetry; DCT; MFCC; audio features; anuran calls; analytic functions; convex functions; starlike functions; strongly convex functions; strongly starlike functions; uniformly convex functions; Struve functions; truncated-exponential polynomials; monomiality principle; generating functions; Apostol-type polynomials and Apostol-type numbers; Bernoulli, Euler and Genocchi polynomials; Bernoulli, Euler, and Genocchi numbers; operational methods; summation formulas; symmetric identities; Euler numbers and polynomials; q-Euler numbers and polynomials; Hurwitz-Euler eta function; multiple Hurwitz-Euler eta function; higher order q-Euler numbers and polynomials; (p, q)-Euler numbers and polynomials of higher order; symmetric identities; symmetry of the zero