Tourism Destination Management

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September 2019
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Tourism Destination Management that was published in

Business & Economics

This book collected studies focused on the management of tourist destinations. Destinations are complex and adaptive systems, where the different elements that make them up have to be oriented towards achieving a common objective that improves the competitiveness of the destination. Five main lines of research on tourist destinations can be established: 1) the management, planning, and marketing of destinations, with special attention to the tourism supply chain, communication, and integral management; 2) the sustainability of resources and capabilities; 3) the renewal of destinations in order to update their offer and main resources to maintain competitiveness; 4) online reputation and communication through social media in order to create and enhance a strong brand image and customer loyalty; and 5) the application of new technologies in order to develop smart destinations. The book is made up of five research studies that focus on analyzing the transition towards a more circular tourist activity in hotels, image as a competitive factor of destinations, the value of cultural creativity, the coherence of online reputation, and the relationship between hotel prices and online reputation in different tourist destinations.

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social media content exploration; regional image; abstract and figurative clues; cultural and creative community; destination image; negative stereotypes; post-industrial cities development; Upper Silesian Conurbation; sustainable tourism; circular economy; innovation; hotel sector’s competitiveness; tourism destination; online customer review; lodging; price; service quality; added value; online reputation; lodging; tourism destination; community manager; customer online review; rating of online reputation

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