Ultrasound Elastography

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July 2019
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The comparison between methods, evaluation of portal hypertension and many other questions are still open issues in liver elastography. New elastographic applications are under evaluation and close to being used in clinical practice. Strain imaging has been incorporated into many disciplines and EFSUMB guidelines are under preparation. More research is necessary for improved evidence for clinical applications in daily practice. The Special Issue published papers on recent advances in development and application of Ultrasound Elastography.

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ultrasound; thyroid cancer; shear wave elastography; acoustic radiation force impulse; chronic hepatitis B; liver cirrhosis; anti-HBV therapy; viral hepatitis C; HCV core antigen; shear wave elastography; therapy; direct acting antivirals; computer-aided diagnosis (CAD); magnetic resonance imaging; cine-tagging; liver fibrosis; elastography; bending energy; power spectrum; elastography; liver stiffness; chronic hepatitis B; chronic hepatitis C; liver fibrosis; cirrhosis; ultrasonography; tendinopathy; texture analysis; quantitative; ultrasound elastography; pediatric; liver fibrosis; stiffness; shear wave elastography (SWE); supersonic shear imaging; shear modulus; tendon stiffness; patellar positions; patellar tendon; Achilles tendon; shear wave elastography; ultrasound elastography; time of day; leg dominance; prior activity; guideline; EFSUMB; WFUMB; elastography; contrast enhanced ultrasound; point of care ultrasound; health care; ultrasound; strain elastography; quantification; strain ratio; strain quantification; measurement variability; pancreas; endoscopic ultrasound (EUS); Crohn’s disease; carcinoma