Image Processing Using FPGAs

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June 2019
204 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Image Processing Using FPGAs that was published in

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This book presents a selection of papers representing current research on using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for realising image processing algorithms. These papers are reprints of papers selected for a Special Issue of the Journal of Imaging on image processing using FPGAs. A diverse range of topics is covered, including parallel soft processors, memory management, image filters, segmentation, clustering, image analysis, and image compression. Applications include traffic sign recognition for autonomous driving, cell detection for histopathology, and video compression. Collectively, they represent the current state-of-the-art on image processing using FPGAs.

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background estimation; image segmentation; System-on-Chip; embedded systems; real-time systems; hardware accelerators; stream processing; image borders; window filters; pipeline; field programmable gate array (FPGA); memory; power; image processing; design; FPGA; hardware acceleration; processor architectures; image processing; heterogeneous computing; FPGA implementation; hardware architecture; image processing; histopathology; generalized Laplacian of Gaussian filter; nuclei detection; mean Shift clustering; streaming architecture; low-latency; high-throughput; FPGA; D-SWIM; line buffer; image segmentation; K-Means; image processing pipeline; FPGA; high-level synthesis; connected components analysis; stream processing; feature extraction; zig-zag scan; hardware architecture; FPGA; pipeline; just-noticeable difference (JND); luminance masking; contrast masking; texture detection; perceptual coding; JPEG-LS; downsampling; FPGA; field programmable gate arrays (FPGA); image processing; hardware/software co-design; memory management; segmentation; image analysis; compression