Towards Sustainable Global Food Systems

Conceptual and Policy Analysis of Agriculture, Food and Environment Linkages

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April 2019
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Towards Sustainable Global Food Systems : Conceptual and Policy Analysis of Agriculture, Food and Environment Linkages that was published in

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One of the major knowledge challenges in the domain of Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems refers to the integration of perspectives on consumption, patterns that support public health, inclusive value chains, and environmentally sustainable food production. While there is a long record of the analysis of separate interventions, this special issue generates integrated insights, provides cross-cutting perspectives, and outlines practical and policy solutions that address these global challenges.<false,>The collection of papers promotes the view that sustainable food systems require thorough insights into the structure and dynamics of agri-food production systems, the drivers for integrating food value chains and markets, and key incentives for supporting healthier consumer choices. On the production side, potential linkages between agricultural commercialization and intensification and their effects for food security and nutritional outcomes are analyzed. Value Chains are assessed for their contribution to improving exchange networks and markets for food products that simultaneously support efficiency, circularity, and responsiveness. Individual motives and market structures for food consumption need to be understood in order to be able to outline suitable incentives to enhance healthy dietary choice.<false,>The contributed papers focus on interfaces between food system activities and processes of adaptive change that are critical for overcoming key constraints and trade-offs between sustainable food and healthy diets.
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agricultural impacts; climate change impacts; integrated assessment model; CGE model; Ostrea edulis; native oyster restoration; North Sea; site selection; pilot study; offshore wind farms; sustainability; food systems; nutrition; public-private cooperation; corporate values; sanitary control; food safety; prosperity; sustainable development; alternative agri-food networks; transition theories; grassroots innovations; socio-technical systems; agroecology; ecovillages; social movements; certification; organic agriculture; Participatory Guarantee Systems; Spain; alternative certification systems; food systems; metrics; interdisciplinarity; sustainable food and nutrition security; food system assessment; participatory approach; SUSFANS; agribusiness cluster; commercialization; sustainable intensification; dairy value chain; farming system; service arrangements; Ethiopia; Kenya; sustainable diets; diet adoption; sustainable food system; intention-behavior gap; citizen participation; innovation workshop; Agricultural commercialization; food and nutrition security; salutogenesis; life course perspective; food systems; multi-level; positive deviance; Myanmar; social innovation; agricultural commercialization; nutrition sensitive transformation; Myanmar; vegetable consumption; food choice motives; knowledge; self-efficacy; socio-economic classes; food environment; Nigeria; sustainable development goals; sustainability assessment; agricultural sustainability; food security; LCA broadening; LCA deepening; food systems; interdisciplinary research; feedbacks & interlinkages; food policy; 3I Approach; value chain development; participatory approach; context-specific interventions; behavioural change; postharvest losses; tomato; Nigeria; supply chain; raffia basket; plastic crate; systems approach; conceptual framework; food loss practices; food loss causes; food loss solutions; supply-chain stages; literature; socio-economic indicators; tomato; Nigeria; adoption; conservation agriculture; social capital; count outcome models; pca; marginal treatment effects; Nigeria; food security; CGE model; nutrition; diet diversity; land substitution; agricultural intensification; baseline projections; commercialization; Vietnam; food system; fertilizer use; caloric intake; dietary diversity Vietnam Living Standards Survey (VLSS)