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Phase III—Long-Term Exercise Training

In Exercise Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation, , Eds.


Phase III, or the maintenance phase, contains a program that typically starts within the cardiac rehabilitation center and is continued at the local fitness center, gym, or the patient’s home. The objective of phase III is to provide guidance and support for a continuous lifestyle change. Phase III involves more independence and self-monitoring, shifting a center-based program into a home-based environment. Therefore, the transition between structured phase II and long-term phase III can be a vulnerable point due to the risk for non-adherence to recommended pharmacological treatment and lifestyle modifications, including physical activity.

Exercise Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation
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Exercise Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Adam Staron,
Jadwiga Wolszakiewicz and
Meteb AlSulaimi
, Eds.
Published: August 2022
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