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One for All—SDG 17 as a Driver to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

One for all! The first part of the famous musketeer motto seems to fit perfectly with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17, “Partnerships for the Goals”. While the sixteen goals before are directed towards concrete areas of action, SDG 17 serves as a convener and facilitator for all the other goals. This article offers a short introduction to SDG 17. In particular, it opens up a discussion on how different combinations of partnerships should be embedded in order to achieve the targets of SDG 17. Based on a literature review and the following chapter of this volume, we formulate implications for research and practice on the diversity of multi-stakeholder partnerships, the necessity of overarching norms, the importance of evaluation, and the value of trust and willingness to make partnerships work.

Table of Contents: Transitioning to Strong Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals