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Early Childhood Development: Current Status and Gaps

In Transitioning to No Poverty, , Eds.; p.223-238.


We review the literature on early childhood development as well as the current knowledge on developmental gaps between high-, middle- and low-income countries. While current data on children’s early developmental outcomes are limited, the available evidence suggests that early trajectories are comparable among children growing up in home environments providing adequate support and stimulation globally. Large gaps in physical and likely also cognitive early development persist in low- and middle-income countries due to poverty, lack of maternal education and lack of early learning opportunities. These gaps can be reduced by continued efforts to reduce poverty and increase education, as well as targeted government programs to support parents and children during the first few years of children’ lives.
Transitioning to No Poverty
Published in:

Transitioning to No Poverty

Isabel Günther and
Rahul Lahoti
, Eds.
Published: November 2021
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