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Bionanotechnology to Save the Environment

Plant and Fishery's Biomass as Alternative to Petrol

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February 2019
436 pages
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The main aim of the current policy is to keep the environment in orbit with economics at the centre, not considering nature or environment as simple commodities. Preserving planet Earth’s biodiversity is crucial in order to keep its ecosystems in equilibrium. For this purpose, it is necessary to produce goods and tools using bio- and eco-compatible methodologies whilst also increasing knowledge on the concept of industrial sustainability. In fact, sustainability has to be based on the 3P pillars, Planet, People, and Profit, i.e., (a) the preservation of the planet’s environment; (b) the respect of people’s safety and well-being, to meet social expectations; (c) the maintenance of the industrial profit to manufacture and compete at a global level. Without entering into any kind of neoliberal education policy, this book aims to present new ideas to encourage those in the manufacturing industry to use both industrial and agricultural biomass in order to produce goods in a greener way. It may also encourage scientists and marketing professionals to educate the consumer on the necessity of maintaining biodiversity without impoverishing our planet of crucial raw materials.

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bionanotechnology; environment; biomass; alternative to petrol; green economy; sustainable products; biomass waste; bio-nanotechnology; chitin nanofibrils; cellulose; lignin
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