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Advances in Gene Technology and Resistance to Viruses
Viruses of Plants, Fungi and Protoza 30 April 2015 1
Gene Technology and Resistance to Viruses - Reviews
Viruses of Plants, Fungi and Protoza 30 April 2015
Advances in Ebolavirus, Marburgvirus, and Cuevavirus Research 2014-2015
(Guest Editor: Jens H. Kuhn)
Animal Viruses 31 December 2015 9
Oncolytic Viruses
(Guest Editors: E. Antonio Chiocca, Martine L.M. Lamfers)
Animal Viruses 31 August 2015
Poxvirus Evolution
(Guest Editors: Elliot J. Lefkowitz, Chris Upton)
Animal Viruses 31 December 2014
Recent Advances in HTLV Research 2015
(Guest Editor: Louis M. Mansky)
Animal Viruses 01 October 2015
(Guest Editors: José Luis Nieva, Luis Carrasco)
Animal Viruses 30 April 2015
Viruses and Exosomes
(Guest Editors: Yorgo Modis, Stephen Graham)
Animal Viruses 15 April 2015
Viruses and the Ubiquitin/Proteasome System
(Guest Editor: Matthew D. Weitzman)
Animal Viruses 31 March 2015 7
Honeybee Viruses
(Guest Editors: Elke Genersch, Sebastian Gisder)
Insect Viruses 31 March 2015
Impact of the Insect Microbiome on Arbovirus Transmission
(Guest Editors: Robert B. Tesh, Bethany Bolling, Scott C. Weaver, Nikolaos Vasilakis)
Insect Viruses 01 March 2015 2
21st Evergreen International Phage Biology Meeting - Emerging Research
(Guest Editors: Abram Aertsen, Rob Lavigne)
Bacterial Viruses 30 April 2015
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology of Viruses
(Guest Editor: Viktor Müller)
(none) 30 April 2015
Electron Microscopy in Virus Diagnostics and Research
(Guest Editor: Michael Laue)
(none) 30 June 2015 5
Gene Therapy with Emphasis on RNA Interference
(Guest Editor: Kenneth Lundstrom)
(none) 28 February 2015
HCV Drug Resistance
(Guest Editor: Thomas F. Baumert, MD)
(none) 30 June 2015
Lipid Modulation of the Viral Lifecycle
(Guest Editor: Nihal Altan-Bonnet)
(none) 31 May 2015
Tumour Viruses
(Guest Editor: Joanna Parish)
(none) 31 March 2015 2
Viral Glycoprotein Structure
(Guest Editor: Andrew Ward)
(none) 31 March 2015
Viral Replication Complexes: Structures, Functions, Applications and Inhibitors
(Guest Editor: David Boehr)
(none) 30 April 2015
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