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27 August–1 September 2017 One Health 9th Tick and Tick-borne Pathogen Conference & 1st Asia Pacific Rickettsia Conference

Cairns, Australien

The 9th Tick and Tick Borne Pathogen Conference and1st Asia Pacific Rickettsia Conference will be held in Cairns between 27 August and 1 September 2017. The conference organising committee consisting of A/Prof Ala Lew-Tabor and Dr Manuel Rodriguez Valle, both from The University of Queensland, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation and Prof Stephen Graves and A/Prof John Stenos both from the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory are pleased to offer your organisation an opportunity to provide sponsorship of the Conference.

This is an opportunity for your company to demonstrate support for this event, to increase customer contact, and pursue business opportunities. For professional organisations of scientists, veterinarians, medical doctors, agriculturalists and others, this is an opportunity to showcase your society or organization to like-minded and interested colleagues who may well be stimulated to join your group.

The Conference

The theme of the conference is ‘One Health’ which is topical for Australia particularly with the current concern of an un-indentified “Lyme-like” disease likely to be transmitted by Australian ticks. The conference will give you the opportunity to network with a diverse audience of international tick, tick-borne and rickettsial disease researchers across the veterinary, scientific, agricultural and medical fields.

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