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Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism: Transformations, Challenges, and Future Prospects
(Editors: Florian Wiedmann, Ashraf M. Salama)
1 Dec 2018 1
(Editor: Ayyoob Sharifi)
15 Dec 2018
Environmental Impacts on Urban Health and Well-Being—Sectoral Components towards Understanding the Urban System
(Editors: K. Heinke Schlünzen, Jürgen Oßenbrügge, Peter Hoffmann)
30 May 2018 7
Formalizing Urban Methodologies
(Editors: David Leite Viana, Franklim Morais, Jorge Vieira Vaz)
31 Dec 2018 2
Future Cities: Concept, Planning, and Practice
(Editors: Dora Marinova, Shahed Khan, Atiq Zaman, Mohammad Shahidul Hasan Swapan)
1 Jul 2018 2
Future of Water in Europe: Local, Regional and Global Best Practice
(Editors: Carla Pimental Rodrigues, Armando Silva Afonso, Kemi Adeyeye)
30 Nov 2018
Innovations in Affordable Housing at the Nexus of the Market and the State
(Editors: Rachel Garshick Kleit, Whitney Airgood-Obrycki)
31 Jan 2019
Land Squandering and Social Crisis in the Spanish City
(Editors: Francisco Cebrián-Abellán, María José Piñeira-Mantiñán, Jesús Manuel González Pérez)
30 Sep 2018
New Applications and Development of Christopher Alexander’s The Nature of Order
(Editors: Bin Jiang, Nikos Salingaros)
30 May 2019
Planning and Design for Age-friendly Communities
(Editors: Fernando Brandão Alves, Sara Santos)
20 Dec 2018 1
Regional Economic Development
(Editor: Simón Sánchez-Moral)
28 Feb 2019
Sharing Cities Shaping Cities
(Editors: Giuseppe Salvia, Eugenio Morello, Andrea Arcidiacono)
15 Jul 2018 4
Sustainable Place Making and Urban Governance
(Editor: Michael Peter Smith)
31 Dec 2018
The Future of Urban Transportation and Mobility Systems
(Editor: Thomas W. Sanchez)
30 Apr 2018 5
Urban Disaster and Recovery
(Editors: David Pijawka, Stephen Buckman)
1 Jun 2018 1
Urban Food Security
(Editor: Christopher R. Bryant)
1 Aug 2018 7
Urban Futures—Landscape
(Editors: Molinari Carla, David Buck)
28 Sep 2018 1
Urban Heat Island and Mitigation Technologies—Impact and Mitigation
(Editors: Junjing Yang, Matheos Santamouris)
31 May 2018 5
Urban Inequality
(Editor: Jesús Manuel González Pérez)
28 Feb 2018 8
Urban Landscape Degradation and Restoration
(Editors: Alexander Buyantuev, Chi Xu, Junxiang Li, Qingxu Huang, Ganlin Huang)
31 Jul 2018 2
Urban Modeling and Simulation
(Editor: Shade T. Shutters)
1 Nov 2017 3
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