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Special Issues - Symmetry

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Advances in Future Internet and Industrial Internet of Things
(Editor: James J. Park)
31 Jan 2018
Applications of Internet of Things
(Editors: Chi-Hua Chen, Eyhab Al-Masri, Feng-Jang Hwang, Despo Ktoridou, Kuen-Rong Lo)
31 Aug 2017
Bipartite Graphs, Gauge Theories and Mirror Symmetry
(Editor: Yang-Hui He)
31 May 2017
Brain Asymmetry of Structure and/or Function
(Editor: Lesley Rogers)
31 Mar 2017
Chiral auxiliaries and chirogenesis
(Editor: Victor Borovkov)
31 Oct 2017
Chiral Separations
(Editor: Maria Elizabeth Tiritan)
30 Jun 2017
Emerging Approaches and Advances in Big Data
(Editors: Ka Lok Man, Kevin Lee)
30 Sep 2017
Fuzzy Sets Theory and Its Applications
(Editor: Hsien-Chung Wu)
31 Oct 2017
Implications of Symmetry for Polar Molecular Crystals
(Editor: Jürg Hulliger)
01 Dec 2017
Knot Theory and Its Applications
(Editor: Louis H. Kauffman)
31 Aug 2017
Perceptual, Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Mathematical Symmetries
(Editor: Christopher W. Tyler)
30 Apr 2017
Polyhedral Structures
(Editor: Egon Schulte)
30 Apr 2017 5
Scientific Programming in Practical Symmetric Big Data
(Editors: Doo-Soon Park, Shu-Ching Chen)
31 Mar 2017 9
Selected Papers: Symmetry 2017—The First International Conference on Symmetry
(Editors: Sergei D. Odintsov, Maurizio Benaglia, Kimball A. Milton, Cino Pertoldi)
30 Jun 2018
Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Mechanics
(Editor: Mohamed Azzouz)
31 May 2017
Symmetry in Fuzzy Sets and Systems
(Editor: João Paulo Carvalho)
30 Nov 2017
Symmetry in Human Evolutionary Biology
(Editor: Stefan Van Dongen)
30 Apr 2017 3
Symmetry in Secure Cyber World
(Editors: Young-Sik Jeong, Laurence T. Yang, Stefanos Gritzalis)
31 Mar 2017 11
Symmetry in Structural Biology
(Editor: John Vakonakis)
15 Aug 2017
Symmetry: Feature Papers 2017
(Editor: Sergei D. Odintsov)
31 Dec 2017

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