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Robotics Editorial Office
MDPI AG, Klybeckstrasse 64, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
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Ms. Weina Li
Assistant Editor
MDPI Tongzhou Office, Room 2207, Jincheng Center, No. 21 Cuijingbeili, Tongzhou District, Beijing 101101, China
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Prof. Dr. Huosheng Hu
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ, UK
Interests: robotics; embedded systems; mechatronics; advanced manufacturing; multi-modal human-machine interfaces; wearable sensors and systems; sensor integration and data fusion algorithms; biomedical signal processing; classification; modelling; engineering devices; e-health; rehabilitation robotics; medical and surgical robotics; AI applications; intelligent control and learning algorithms; cooperative underwater; flying robots in security surveillance; search and rescue; pervasive computing and networked sensors; systems; instrumentations and robots

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Donghun Kim
Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyungnam University, 449 Woryeong-dong, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon, Kyungnam 631-701, Republic of Korea
Interests: mobile robot control; swarm robotics; IT-based robot; path planning
Prof. Dr. Henrik Scharfe
Department of Communication, Aalborg University, Kroghstraede 3, 9220 Aalborg East, Denmark
Interests: human centered informatics; humanoid robots; conceptual structures; knowledge representation and forms of knowledge; epistemic narratology; persuasive design
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Muscato
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Elettronica e Informatica, University of Catania, Viale Andrea Doria 6, 95125 Catania (CT), Italy
Interests: robotic in agriculture; service robots; field robots; climbing robots; telerobotics; unmanned aerial vehicles
Contribution: Special Issue: Agricultural Robots
Prof. Dr. Min Cheol Lee
School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, 30 Jangjeon-Dong, Kumjung-Ku , Busan, 609-735, Korea
Interests: intelligent robotics; mechatronics; control of robotic systems; biomedical; rehabilitation and surgical robotics
Prof. Dr. Andrew Goldenberg
Robotics and Automation Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, 5 King's College Road, Toronto, ON M5S 3G8, Canada
Interests: robotics for security and defense, medical surgery, nuclear plants, and space exploration
Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas
Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Arnimallee 7, 022, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Interests: robotics; embedded systems; pattern recognition; autonomous cars; intelligent control and learning algorithms; computer vision
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar D. Rodić
Robotics Laboratory, Mihailo Pupin Institute, Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Interests: humanoid robotics and bio-cybernetics; service robotics; embedded systems; mechatronics; multi-modal human-robot interfaces; sensor integration and data fusion algorithms; biomedical signal processing; modeling and simulation; rehabilitation and medical robotics and surgical robotics; AI applications; intelligent control and learning algorithms; unmanned ground and aerial vehicles
Prof. Dr. Ljubo Vlacic
Institute of Integrated and Intelligent Systems, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Road, Qld 4111, Australia
Interests: control systems; decision theory; intelligent control; computer & systems engineering
Prof. Dr. Martin Adams
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Chile, Av. Tupper 2007, 837-0451 Santiago, Chile
Interests: robot navigation; perception and sensor modeling; SLAM; stochastic geometry in robotics; sensor fusion
Dr. John Folkesson
Department of Computer Science and Communication, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Teknikringen 14, Stockholm, 11428, Sweden
Interests: mobile robots; SLAM; estimation; robot navigation; sensor fusion; perception; service robots; Bayesian inference; probabilitic robotics
Prof. Dr. Hong Zhang
Department of Computing Science, 221 Athabasca Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E8, Canada
Interests: visual robot navigation; image segmentation; collective robotics
Prof. Dr. Aiguo Ming
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, The University of Electro-Communications 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo, 182-8585, Japan
Interests: dynamic manipulation; mechanisms of robots; motion planning and control of manipulators; underwater robots; flapping robots; humanoid; actuators
Prof. Dr. Shuxiang Guo
Intelligent Mechanical Systems Eng'g Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University, 2217-20, Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu, 761-0396, Japan
Interests: MEMS; NEMS; microsystem technology; sensors; actuators; biomedical systems; underwater robots
Prof. Dr. Kevin Warwick
School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AY, UK
Interests: intelligent robots; artificial intelligence; biomedical robotics; cyborgs; ethical aspects of robots; future vehicle systems
Dr. Nicola Bellotto
School of Computer Science University of Lincoln Brayford Pool Lincoln, LN6 7TS United Kingdom
Interests: mobile robotics; machine perception; active vision; sensor fusion; qualitative spatial representation; cybernetics
Contribution: Special Issue: Representations and Reasoning for Robotics
Prof. Dr. Genci Capi
Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Toyama Gofuku Campus, 3190 Gofuku, Toyama, 930-8555, Japan
Interests: evolutionary robotics; human-robot interaction; reinforcement learning; humanoid robots; service robots; intelligent robots
Contribution: Special Issue: Intelligent Robots
Prof. Dr. Abhilash Pandya
Computer Assisted Robot Enhances Systems Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University, 3129 Engineering Building, 5050 Anthony Wayne Dr., Detroit, MI 48202, USA
Interests: medical robotics; rehabilitation robotics; biomedical signal processing; learning and classification algorithms; robot vision: augmented and virtual reality
Contribution: Special Issue: Medical Robotics and Systems
Special Issue: Medical Robotics: Safety, Training and Advances
Prof. Dr. Fernando Torres
Automatics, Robotics and Computer Vision Group, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain
Interests: automatic visual inspection, 3-D vision, dexterous robotics manipulation, disassembly automatic, visual control of robots, and tactile sensors for robots
Prof. Honghai Liu
School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, Buckingham Building, Lion Terrace, Portsmouth, UK
Interests: machine intelligence; multisensor fusion; fault diagnostics; fuzzy and qualitative reasoning; knowledge representation; motion planning and their applications to embedded robotic systems and web-based systems; particularly those approaches which could make contributions to the intelligent connection of perception to action
Prof. Mark Bishop
Director, TCIDA (Tungsten Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics) Affiliation: TCIDA: St. James’ Hall Block 1/B, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, LONDON SE4 6NW, UK
Interests: cognitive computing
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