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Actuarial and Financial Risks in Life Insurance, Pensions and Household Finance
(Editor: Luca Regis)
15 September 2016 1
Ageing Population Risks
(Editor: Pavel Shevchenko)
31 October 2016
Application of Stochastic Processes in Insurance
(Editors: Pierre Patie, Angelos Dassios, Erhan Bayraktar)
01 November 2013 8
Applying Stochastic Models in Practice: Empirics and Numerics
(Editor: Alexander Szimayer)
30 June 2016 5
Climate Risk: Measuring, Modelling and Marketing
(Editors: Rüdiger Kiesel, Sascha Kollenberg)
31 August 2016
Designing Post-Retirement Benefits in a Demanding Scenario
(Editor: Annamaria Olivieri)
31 December 2016
Life Insurance and Pensions
(Editor: Nadine Gatzert)
30 November 2015 9
Non-Life Insurance Mathematics beyond Risk Theory: Pricing and Claims Reserving
(Editor: Montserrat Guillén)
29 February 2016 10
Risk Management Techniques for Catastrophic and Heavy-Tailed Risks
(Editors: Alejandro Balbás, José Garrido)
01 April 2014 6
Selected Papers from the 10th Tartu Conference on Multivariate Statistics
(Editor: Meelis Käärik)
30 September 2016
Selected Papers from the 6th Gerber-Shiu Workshop and the 3rd Modeling of Heavy-Tail Phenomena Workshop
(Editor: Qihe Tang)
30 November 2016
Selected Papers from the 9th Conference in Actuarial Science & Finance on Samos
(Editor: Qihe Tang)
31 August 2016
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