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Bibliometrics, Measurements and Research Evaluation
(Editors: Rosa Scoble, Geoff Rodgers)
30 May 2018
Business Models in (Digital) Academic Publishing
(Editors: Karen I. MacDonald, Virginia Dressler)
10 Jul 2018
Digital Publishing - Transformations
(Editor: Craig Smith)
31 Mar 2016 5
Digital Scholarly Publishing
(Editor: Maria Manuel Borges)
31 May 2018
Misconduct in Scientific Publishing
(Editor: R. Grant Steen)
28 Feb 2014 8
Open Access - A Review after 10 Years
(Editor: John J. Regazzi)
30 Apr 2013 7
Open Access and the Library
(Editors: Anja Oberländer, Torsten Reimer)
20 Mar 2018
Researching, Teaching, and Supporting Research Publication: Issues for Users of English as an Additional Language
(Editor: Margaret Cargill)
15 Jan 2016 7
Scholarly Communication—A Vision for Tomorrow
(Editor: Anne-Katharina Weilenmann)
20 Dec 2017
Scientific Ethics
(Editor: Svetla Baykoucheva)
30 Nov 2017 2
The Challenges of Journal Start-up in the Digital Era
(Editor: Andrew Kirby)
31 Mar 2015 7
The Research and Writing Processes before Publication: From The Researchers’ Perspective
(Editor: Yongyan Li)
31 Dec 2014 5
Writing and Publishing Scientific Research Papers in English
(Editor: Claire Chaplier)
31 Mar 2018 1
Writing for Academic Publications
(Editor: Yin Ling Cheung)
31 May 2016 5
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