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Alternatives to Antibiotics: Current Strategies and Future Prospects
(Guest Editor: Guolong Zhang)
31 October 2014 2
Animal Model to Study Viral Immunity
(Guest Editor: Moriya Tsuji)
31 August 2014 5
Bacterial Pathogenomics: From Technology to Application
(Guest Editor: Anthony Underwood)
31 January 2014 15
Biofilm-Based Nosocomial Infections
(Guest Editor: Gianfranco Donelli)
30 September 2014 10
Foodborne Pathogens
(Guest Editor: Aaron Lynne)
30 April 2014 5
Gut Microbiome
(Guest Editors: Jean E. Crabtree, Lars Engstrand)
01 March 2014 14
Host-Parasite Interactions
(Guest Editor: Kris Chadee)
31 December 2012 7
Infection and Cancer
(Guest Editor: Lawrence S. Young)
29 June 2012 7
Pathogen Infection Models
(Guest Editor: Laurence G. Rahme)
01 February 2013 11
(Guest Editors: Wen-Quan Zou, Xiao-Ping Dong, Yong-Sun Kim)
30 April 2013 9
Respiratory Pathogens
(Guest Editor: Marek L. Kowalski)
31 May 2015
Urinary Tract Infection
(Guest Editor: Catharina Svanborg)
31 January 2015
Waterborne Pathogens
(Guest Editor: Mark W. LeChevallier)
31 March 2015
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