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COPD Exacerbations
(Editors: Arturo Huerta, PhD, FCCP, Antoni Torres)
Pneumology and Respiratory Diseases 31 Mar 2018 5
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
(Editors: Antoni Torres, Antoni Xaubet)
Pneumology and Respiratory Diseases 25 May 2018 7
Innate Immunity Regulating Antigen Presentation
(Editor: Kenth Gustafsson)
Immunology and Infectious Diseases 15 Jul 2018
Recent Advances in Cellular Immunotherapy
(Editor: Subramaniam Malarkannan)
Immunology and Infectious Diseases 30 Nov 2013 6
Cardiometabolic Health: Current Developments
(Editors: Shpetim Karandrea, Xiaoming Jia)
Cardiovascular Disease 31 Dec 2018
e-Health in Cardiovascular Medicine
(Editors: Julie Redfern, Lis Neubeck)
Cardiovascular Disease 15 Jan 2019
Traumatic Brain Injury
(Editor: Reto Stocker)
Neurosciences 30 Nov 2018 1
Current Advances in Palliative and Hospice Care
(Editors: Raymond D. Voltz, Philip Larkin)
31 Dec 2018
New Insights into Acute Myocardial Ischemia
(Editor: Cesario Bianchi Filho)
31 Mar 2019
Polyamine Metabolism in Disease and Polyamine-Targeted Therapies
(Editor: Tracy Murray-Stewart)
30 Nov 2017 14
Prenatal Diagnosis: The State of the Art
(Editor: Elena Rossi)
30 Sep 2018
Recent Advances in Health Improvement Strategies
(Editors: Paul Anand, Seeromanie Harding, Mark Exworthy)
31 Aug 2018 1
Role for Antioxidants in Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Oxidative Stress
(Editors: José Antonio Morales-González, M.C. Roxana Loera-Cruz)
14 Dec 2018
Therapeutic Potential of the Microbiome
(Editor: Peter C. Konturek)
31 Dec 2018 5
Thyroid Cytopathology
(Editor: Trevor Edmund Angell)
15 Dec 2018
Transglutaminases in Health and Disease
(Editors: Simone Beninati, Carlo Mischiati)
30 Sep 2018 1
Updates in Pediatric Sleep and Child Psychiatry
(Editors: Ujjwal Ramtekkar, Anna Ivanenko)
31 Jul 2018 10
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