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Advances and Current Challenges in Marine Biotoxins Monitoring
(Editor: Pedro Reis Costa)
30 Sep 2018
Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing in Marine Science
(Editor: Anders Knudby)
30 Jun 2018
Climate Change, Coasts and Coastal Risk
(Editors: Roshanka Ranasinghe, Ruben Jongejan)
30 Apr 2018
Coastal and Benthic Ecology
(Editor: Alan Deidun)
1 Nov 2018
Coastal Dune Dynamics and Management
(Editors: Gerben Ruessink, Christian Schwarz)
1 Dec 2018
Coastal Hazards Related to Water
(Editor: Rick Luettich)
1 Oct 2018 1
Coastal Zone Management
(Editor: Ashraf Dewan)
31 Oct 2018
Marine Corrosion
(Editor: Robert Melchers)
31 Dec 2018
Marine Oil Spills 2018
(Editor: Merv Fingas)
31 Aug 2018
Marine Propulsors
(Editors: Sverre Steen, Kourosh Koushan)
28 Feb 2018
Marine Structures
(Editor: Erkan Oterkus)
31 Mar 2018 3
Methodologies for Outreach in the Marine Sciences
(Editor: Magnus Wahlberg)
31 Dec 2017
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
(Editor: Luis A. Vega)
31 Dec 2017
Offshore Wind Structures
(Editor: Lance Manuel)
31 Dec 2017
Recent Advances in Coastal Storm Forecasting and Geologic Response
(Editors: Cheryl Hapke, Peter N. Adams)
31 Aug 2018
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