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Against Gravity: Upwelling in Shallow Waters
(Editor: Jochen Kämpf)
31 Jul 2017
Algal Biofuels
(Editor: John James MILLEDGE)
30 Jun 2017 2
Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing in Marine Science
(Editor: Anders Knudby)
30 Jun 2017
Biogeochemical Cycles in Mangrove Forests
(Editors: Joseph M. Smoak, Christian Joshua Sanders)
31 May 2015 6
Climate Change and Coral Reefs Ecosystems
(Editor: Loke Ming Chou)
31 Mar 2015 6
Coastal Hazards Related to Storm Surge
(Editor: Rick Luettich)
01 Apr 2015 14
Coastal Morphodynamics
(Editor: Gerben Ruessink)
29 Feb 2016 11
Coastal Sea Levels, Impacts and Adaptation
(Editors: Thomas Wahl, Jan Even Øie Nilsen, Ivan Haigh, Sally Brown)
31 May 2017
Genetic Breeding Technology and Its Application in Marine Aquaculture
(Editors: Dean Jerry, Nick Robinson)
31 Jan 2015 8
Marine Energy Systems
(Editors: Bela H. Buck, Axel Bochert)
28 Feb 2014 5
Marine Oil Spills
(Editor: Merv Fingas)
31 Dec 2015 10
Methodologies for Outreach in the Marine Sciences
(Editor: Magnus Wahlberg)
30 Jun 2017
Modelling Waves in Coasts and Estuaries
(Editors: Harshinie Karunarathna, Jenifer Brown)
15 Oct 2016 5
Ocean Wave Energy Conversion
(Editor: Raúl Guanche García)
30 Jun 2016 6
Prediction of Weather and Climate Effects on Integrated Watershed, Estuarine, and Coastal Ocean Dynamics
(Editor: Nickitas Georgas)
31 May 2017
Research Tools and Methods for Marine Species Acquisition and Identification
(Editor: Angelika Brandt)
30 Sep 2015 5
Sediment Transport Modeling
(Editor: Charitha Pattiaratchi)
01 Jul 2015 7
Selected Papers from the 13th Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference Printed Edition available
(Editors: Henry J. Bokuniewicz, Richard P. Signell)
17 Dec 2013 23
Selected Papers from the 14th Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference Printed Edition available
(Editor: Richard P. Signell)
17 Jul 2016 21
Tsunami Science and Engineering
(Editor: Valentin Heller)
30 Jun 2015 12
Underwater Acoustics and the Ocean Environment
(Editor: Jens Martin Hovem)
29 Feb 2016 6

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