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Special Issue Editors
Section Submission Deadline Articles
Computational Intelligence Technique in Medical Image Analysis
(Editors: Yudong Zhang, Liangxiu Han)
Information Theory and Methodology 30 June 2016
Information and Energy/Matter
(Editor: Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic)
Information Theory and Methodology 29 February 2012 11
Augmented Reality
(Editor: Cristian J. Luciano)
Information Applications 30 June 2016
Data Science and Optimization
(Editor: Ronald Hochreiter)
Information Applications 30 September 2016
Digital Citizenship and Participation
(Editor: Muneo Kaigo)
Information Applications 31 August 2016
Recent Advances of Big Data Technology
(Editors: Yong Yu, Yu Wang)
Information Applications 31 March 2016 1
Smart Health
(Editors: Jack Bobak Mortazavi, Hassan Ghasemzadeh, Sunghoon Ivan Lee, Nabil Alshurafa)
Information Applications 31 March 2016
Communication Theory
(Editors: Mikael Skoglund, Lars K. Rasmussen, Tobias Oechtering)
Information and Communications Technology 20 November 2015
Cybersecurity and Cryptography
(Editors: Qiong Huang, Guomin Yang)
Information and Communications Technology 31 August 2015 8
Multimedia Information Compression and Coding
(Editor: Khalid Sayood)
Information and Communications Technology 30 April 2016
Physical Layer Security in Wireless Networks
(Editor: Lorenzo Mucchi)
Information and Communications Technology 30 April 2016
Semantic Web Technologies in Big Data Analysis
(Editors: Hajira Jabeen, Jens Lehmann)
Information and Communications Technology 31 July 2016
Cognition and Communication
(Editors: Luca Onnis, Michael J. Spivey)
(none) 31 May 2011 5
Evaluating the Security of Complex Systems
(Editor: Eduardo B. Fernandez)
(none) 15 February 2016
Future Information Technology and Intelligent Systems
(Editors: James Park, Marek R. Ogiela, Yang Xiao)
(none) 31 October 2015
Information: Its Different Modes and Its Relation to Meaning
(Editor: Robert K. Logan)
(none) 31 July 2012 14
Online Social Networks and Implications
(Editors: Ana Paula Couto da Silva, Pedro O.S Vaz de Melo)
(none) 30 June 2016
Physics of Information
(Editors: Hector Zenil, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic)
(none) 20 January 2014 6
Preserving Privacy and Security in IoT
(Editors: Giovanni Russello, Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, Ashish Gehani, Changyu Dong, David Eyers)
(none) 29 February 2016
Selected Papers from "FIS 2010 Beijing"
(Editor: Pedro C. Marijuán)
(none) 30 June 2011 16
Selected Papers from MedICT 2015
(Editor: Ahmed El Oualkadi)
(none) 30 June 2015 8
Selected Papers from the 2016 International Conference on Information and Social Science
(Editor: Shigeki Yokoi)
(none) 30 September 2016
Selected Papers from the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015
(Editors: Mark Burgin, Wolfgang Hofkirchner)
(none) 31 October 2015 6
Smart Home
(Editors: Sugam Sharma, Anna Fensel)
(none) 30 March 2016
Swarm Information Acquisition and Swarm Intelligence in Engineering
(Editors: Baozhen Yao, Yudong Zhang)
(none) 01 June 2015 5
Trust and Privacy in Our Networked World
(Editors: Dieter M. Arnold, Herman Tavani)
(none) 30 November 2010 7
What Is Information?
(Editor: Mark Burgin)
(none) 01 December 2010 10
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