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In this section, we publish original scientific research articles, reviews, topical reviews, letters and communications on all aspects of biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, bioinformatics and biotechnology. This includes, but is not limited to, the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes, functional and mechanistic studies of molecular pathways in vivo and in vitro, gene and protein structure and expression, protein biosynthesis, folding of biomolecules, structural biology, membrane function and post-translational modification, drugs and pharmaceutics, and advances in biochemical, biophysical and molecular methodologies as well as imaging techniques and data analysis. We encourage submission of manuscripts that provide novel and mechanistic insights and papers that report significant advance in these fields.


biochemistry; molecular biology; biophysics; biochemical processes; biotechnology; cell biology; genetics; genomics; proteomics; nucleic acid; RNA decay; DNA structure; DNA replication; DNA damage and repair; RNA structure; RNA processing, splicing and polyadenylation; transcription; non-coding RNAs; RNA folding; DNA folding; translation; gene expression and regulation; post-translational modifications; amino acid; proteins; enzymes; protein synthesis; protein folding, processing and degradation; membrane proteins; biomolecular interactions; biomarkers; cell–cell interactions; stem cells; apoptosis; cellular and molecular crosstalks; cell motility; structure biology; chromatin structural and function; chromosome; drugs; pharmaceutics; pharmaceutical engineering; membrane transport; signal transduction; signaling networks; macromolecules and complexes; imaging techniques; microscopy; bioinformatics; data analysis; nano-biology

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