Special Issues - Genealogy

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Submission Deadline
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Adoption Experiences and the Tracing and Narration of Family Genealogies
(Editor: Derek Kirton)
1 Jul 2018
Cemeteries and Churchyards
(Editor: Julie Rugg)
15 May 2018
Forensic Genealogy
(Editor: Stephen B. Hatton)
1 Mar 2018
Gender’s Influence on Genealogy Narratives
(Editor: Amy M. Smith)
1 May 2017 6
Genealogy and Immigration
(Editor: Thomas Daniel Knight)
1 Sep 2018
Genealogy and Learning
(Editor: Arnon Hershkovitz)
1 Mar 2018
Genealogy and Multiracial Family Histories
(Editors: G. Reginald Daniel, Jasmine Kelekay, Joseph Loe-Sterphone, Alyssa Newman)
15 Jun 2018
Genetic Genealogy
(Editor: Catherine Nash)
1 Sep 2017 3
Nations in Time: Genealogy, History and the Narration of Time
(Editor: Atsuko Ichijo)
15 Jul 2018
Political Genealogy after Foucault
(Editor: Michael Clifford)
1 Jun 2018 5
Sankofa; or ‘Go Back and Fetch it’: Merging Genealogy and Africana Studies
(Editors: Kameelah L. Martin, Elizabeth J. West)
15 Dec 2017 2
Scottish Family History & Genealogy
(Editor: John W. Irvine )
15 Aug 2018
What is Genealogy?
(Editor: Philip Kretsedemas)
1 Nov 2016 8
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