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Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to Climate Change
(Guest Editor: Rodney J. Keenan)
30 June 2011 8
Applications of Remote Sensing to Forestry
(Guest Editors: Randolph H. Wynne, Valerie Thomas)
31 March 2014 9
Climate Change and Forest Fire
(Guest Editor: Jianbang Gan)
28 February 2015 4
Eucalyptus Nutritional Diagnosis and Fertilizer Prescriptions
(Guest Editor: Reynaldo Campos Santana)
31 May 2015
Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests
(Guest Editor: Shibu Jose)
30 June 2012 10
Expanding Forests’ Benefits: Forest-based Recreation and Tourism
(Guest Editor: Taylor V. Stein, Associate Editors: Frank Søndergaard Jensen, Liisa Tyrväinen, Nobuhiko Tanaka)
31 August 2011 7
Feature Papers 15 June 2010 9
Forest and Wood Vegetation Carbon Stores and Sequestration
(Guest Editor: Michael Battaglia)
15 January 2014 15
Forest Governance and REDD: Challenges for Policies and Markets in Latin America
(Guest Editor: Elena Petkova, Associate Editors: Anne Margaret Larson, Pablo Pacheco)
15 November 2010 15
Forest Restoration and Regeneration
(Guest Editor: Jean-Claude Ruel)
01 July 2013 9
Fusiform Rust Disease—Biology and Management of Resistance
(Guest Editors: C. Dana Nelson, John M. Davis, Steven E. McKeand)
01 October 2013 7
Future Forests
(Guest Editors: Sune Linder, Jon Moen)
30 November 2010 15
Governing Forest Landscapes: Challenges and Ways Forward
(Guest Editors: Pablo Pacheco, George Schoneveld, Andrew Wardell)
30 September 2014 3
Governing Forest Restoration: Social, Environmental and Institutional Dimensions
(Guest Editors: Manuel R. Guariguata, Pedro H.S. Brancalion)
31 December 2013 11
Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Below and Aboveground Forest Deadwood
(Guest Editors: Maarten Nieuwenhuis, Brian Tobin)
31 January 2015
Improving Wood Quality from Planted Forests
(Guest Editors: Gary Peter, C. Dana Nelson, Robert Evans, John C. F. Walker)
30 April 2014 5
Interactions between Bark Beetles and Forests
(Guest Editor: Beat Wermelinger)
01 November 2013 7
Joint IUFRO 7.02.02 “Foliage, shoot and stem diseases of forest trees” and 7.03.04 “Diseases and insects in forest nurseries” Working Parties Meeting
(Guest Editors: Jan Stenlid, Jonas Oliva, Audrius Menkis)
30 July 2015
LiDAR and Other Remote Sensing Applications in Mapping and Monitoring of Forests Structure and Biomass
(Guest Editor: L. Monika Moskal)
28 February 2014 20
Long-Term Effects of Fire on Forest Soils
(Guest Editor: Dale W. Johnson)
30 April 2012 10
Mycorrhizal Fungi of Forests
(Guest Editors: Douglas L. Godbold, Burenjargal Otgonsuren, Hans Göransson)
30 April 2015 1
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrition of Trees and Forests
(Guest Editors: Heinz Rennenberg, Mark A. Adams)
30 June 2015 1
Responses of Forest Trees to Drought
(Guest Editor: Steven Jansen)
31 March 2015
The 24th IUFRO World Congress: Session 118 Providing Ecosystem Services under Climate Change: Community of Practice of Forest Decision Support Systems
(Guest Editors: Harald Vacik, Jose Borges, Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo, Ljusk-Ola Eriksson)
01 November 2014 5
The 24th IUFRO World Congress: Session 13 Salamanders: World Icons of Aquatic Biodiversity in Forests
(Guest Editor: Deanna H. Olson)
01 October 2014 5
The 24th IUFRO World Congress: Session 64 What Future for Tropical Silviculture?
(Guest Editors: Plinio Sist, Robert Nasi, Jean-Paul Laclau)
01 November 2014 3
The 24th IUFRO World Congress: Session 79 Sustainable Management of Spruce Dominated Ecosystems in Response to Climate Change
(Guest Editors: Phillip G. Comeau, Bill Mason)
11 December 2014 3
The Potential Role for Community Monitoring in MRV and in Benefit Sharing in REDD+
(Guest Editors: Arturo Balderas Torres, Margaret Skutsch)
31 March 2014 10
The Role of Forests for Carbon Capture and Storage
(Guest Editors: Peter N. Beets, Chris Goulding)
31 March 2012 11
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